"Safe and Secure Parking" Guest Request


OK So I have a first time user who wants to book but is making me nervous. When he first contacted me he kept asking about safe and secure parking. I said I am in a quiet street but do not have a garage available or secure parking but there is plenty of street parking outside my house. I suggest if he wants safe and secure to look at other airbnb properties with drive way parking or who offer safe and secure parking or stay at a hotel.

Then I get a booking request through saying I hope I can find safe and secure parking. I message back and explained again what I explained above. He now wants to speak to me so I explained contact details are scrambled via air messaging and suggest he google earths my post code.

How would you handle this?

I would decline the request. Obviously, parking is a very important issue for this potential guest, and your airbnb offering is what it is, if it’s doesn’t met their needs, they need to find one that does.


Are you from the same country as the guest? Safe and secure parking means different things to different people.

If they already want to call you, imagine the time you’re going to spend on the phone once they arrive for hand-holding through every activity…


I have now accepted it after telling him before accepting his booking I want him to google earth my street address and make a decision that he is comfortable with.

Oh yes he is the same country but fortunately he is going to be at work during the day so I won’t see much of him.

I had people moving who were concerned about this. I explained about my driveway, lights and security camera and they were satisfied. It’s a legit question but if someone is going to be a big worry about it I’d be tempted to turn them away.

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Well, but it’s something you can never be sure about…
I live in one of the safest area in Milano, and about 3 months ago my neighbours got 5 cars stolen in one night in their private underground garage, full of videos and cameras everywhere.
They just woke up in the morning and they had this surprise…
Somebody managed to get false keys, and deactivated cameras.

It’s a one family buliding, they were sleeping at the upper floors, and also the garage is private for the family only, so you never know…

I don’t have a car, nor a place where to park a guest’s car, and in my area they have very strict rules about residents only, so I guess I will (in September I think I will rent a room) take info about private car parks and pass the info, but I really won’t take any responsibility

I would have declined, personally, and just said I don’t think my property is a good fit.


A lesson learned in trusting one’s instincts. I am taking next weekend off as this guest was high maintenance. He leaves on Monday and I will be pleased to see the back of him.

The moral of this story is trust your gut instinct and if you think they are going to be high maintenance decline decline decline.


why did you edit out all the details?

I wondered if I was unprofessional sharing them detail

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I would decline this request. Although our house is relatively safe; there is no guarantee anywhere. I wouldn’t want to be blamed if something happened.

Nothing in this world is guaranteed safe and secure! :smile: