Rural, no wifi, remote video monitoring system

I edited the title to help someone in the future with this challenge. We have decided to go with the LTE cams that use the cellular network with a SIM card.

Two major competitors are Reolink and Arlo “Go”. This article details how they are the same and how they are different:

This video shows someone setting up a Reolink version:

So get the cheapest one and then see how it goes for a month or two before maybe biting the bullet for the larger one.

I guess I am reading this thread too late. Please do update us in a few months as to how the cellular cameras are working out for you.

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We are learning about them now. Plan is to purchase and install in November (next time we can be there). I will update this thread as there is more to report.

Here is more info I have learned:

Running the cams over the cell network requires the purchase and installation of a FreedomPop data-only prepaid card:

There are various retailers who sell the FreedomPop SIM cards including Amazon.

This will be about 1/3 of the price of the biggest data package available on satellite internet.

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Update: Hubby has been communicating with Reolink customer service and reports that they are highly responsive to all of his technical questions. They have been out of stock on the Reolink “Go” which is what we have decided to purchase. It is available again on the 12th of this month and he has just placed a pre-order.

Reolink customer service has steered him away from the FreedomPop card for reasons I’m not 100% clear on (“it wouldn’t work”), but they have helped him select what will work for our area and needs and for a very reasonable price (about $12 a month for the data card, paid annually).

We have decided to purchase it now to ensure we can get it, because it has been out of stock. We also wanted ample time to play around with it here for a few weeks and getting proficient at operating everything before installing when we are out there next (which will necessarily be Thanksgiving vacation).

We found the Reolink Go to be much more economical than the Arlo Go, which is the only Arlo that is an LTE model (i.e. works with a SIM card over the cell phone towers).

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Okay he is back on the Freedompop. The rep was telling him that it wasn’t enough data, but she wasn’t finding the right card. He found one that has sufficient data.

Reolink Go, camo silicone protective sleeve (not white! yeah!) with mount ($240), and solar panel ($20).

Freedompop SIM card not pictured (5gb/mo, $150/year), that is a separate purchase.

We have set it up and can see it recording on my device but don’t have the app functions/email alerts figured out just yet. It is not intuitive to set up, the user guide that comes in the box is not very detailed***.

Video quality looks great, though.

***The company web site has all the step by step instructions.

Update for anyone who may be considering this solution, we are so happy with it. (Reolink)

Most of all, I am happy that I can watch our deer and antelope at any time, 1000 miles away.:blush: Being able to log in and see and hear my yard in real time any time, 24/7 has made me feel a lot less homesick, too.:grinning:

We get alerts on all our devices with the app any time there is motion in the surveillance range. It does not get many false alarms. Minor leaf blowing in the trees doesn’t trigger it.

Got the camera up in November. Repositioned it to its current perfect view in December. As you can see, the quality of the video is outstanding, even at night. However, we will be shortly adding an infrared light that will illuminate only the video (not visible to naked eye) on a motion sensor at night.

I added the following photo to our listings:

So, in summary, if you need to run cams without internet service, these LTE cams are sweet.

Happy to answer any questions about the Reolink. I am not selling them, but do highly recommend. The app is simple. It was easy to set up and install and their customer service is great. FIVE STARS:rofl:


Update: We have had the cameras in for 2 months and for the first time ever, with my senitivity setting at 97% where we usually keep it, I am getting notifications because of wind. It’s gusting over 25mph according to the weather station a mile away from the camera … and it’s only activated the motion sensors twice so far today. So this thing just really doesn’t get false alarms. We do record a lot of wildlife, but it doesn’t use nearly as much data as we imagined. We might get a smaller data plan per month after the year Freedompop subscription is up.


And are the skies not cloudy all day?!