RULES, rules, rules and policies (Please upload/share)

I am a newbie putting together my RULES and policies (rules for Booking, while on premise, check-in, check out).

Care to share yours?

I will be happy to collate and share with everyone what I get, cull through and edit for a best practices rules book!

Perhaps use the search function on here first and then list your rules etc here for us to critique

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You can look at loads of listings to find out what their rules are. This will be better than hearing from people here, especially if you look at listings in your own area. You’ll find that hosts have rules that are relevant to their area and the amenities they offer. There isn’t really a general set of rules that applies to all hosts.

You’ll probably change your rules every time you have a set of less than ideal guests.

Mine are:

‘Quiet hours between 10 PM and 7 AM’ (after I had particularly noisy guests who kept me awake all night)

‘Maximum 2 guests’ (after I’ve had many requests from people wanting to bring their kids)

‘Please remember this is a family home where we live too’ (after I recently had a guest who I highly suspect was a prostitute using our guest room as a place to carry out her ‘work’) - I think this one will also help to deter any potential partiers

Read here for an extensive list.

Hi @Lulu91,

Lot’s of great ideas and resources here. The only thing I would add is this:

You want your guests to read your rules.

No one likes to read rules.

Try adding something light-hearted or just plain funny in the very first paragraph.

If you capture their attention, they will read (at least some of) your rules.

Your rules are (largely) the only thing that protects you as a host. Engage them in your rules and I think you’ll be happy with the results.