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Hello… this forum is so helpful. We’ve been open since the end of June and booked every weekend. We had our first rule violation. We have evidence of a cat and have strictly no pet policy. They did leave the place clean but want them to know it was disrespectful without causing too much discord. How would you handle? Our first thought would be to email the guest personally before the review. Thank you!

NO! Keep all of your communication with the guest on the Airbnb platform! Do not email them.

What makes you believe that they had a pet in there? If it’s damage, make sure that you take photos and date/time stamp them so you can pursue a claim for the damages.

I’d leave it. No harm was done after all and they left the place clean. Letting them know it was disrespectful won’t benefit you and it won’t benefit them (or that cat :wink: )

As you’re a new host, it’s a good thing to learn at this stage not to get stressed and worry about things you can’t change. Hopefully you meet and greet your guests? That’s the time to nip anything in the bud.

Best just to relax and remember that those guests have gone - no point in even thinking about them. Think about your upcoming guests and how you can ensure they have a great stay.


Thanks so much! We were on the fence and I agree totally!! Just needed you to confirm it.


What evidence do you have? If you found cat fur, it could have been on their clothes. I would let it go unless I actually saw the cat in there then I would wait until the last minute and mention it in their review and dinged them for not following house rules.

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I guess I should have said “proof”


I’m not of the opinion that rules violations should be let go. I would deduct stars on rules and would mention it in the review. Because people retaliate when confronted first I might not message them about it first. There are too many other variables. Were they sneaking or just clueless, for example.


Unless there was damage, that you are seeking reimbursement for, I would not message them. That could result in negative review of you.

Even if there was no damage, there is exposure for future guests (w allergies) who may choose your listing because of your policy.

I’d follow @KKC’s advice and mention in the review that house rules were broken; “guests disregarded a strict no pets policy”

As a host w a similar policy I’d want to know that


NO, don’t tip your had but do leave it in the review.

Wow! That’s evidence! Ding her on the review!


I agree with others who say don’t message her, just include it in the review. Knock a couple stars off the house rules bit and mention they brought a pet against your strict no-pets policy.


People who sneak cats in make me chuckle. When we travel within this country we take our cat. (Sorry @RiverRock but we do :slight_smile: ). More often than not, if we see a place that is excellent in every respect except they are not pet-friendly, we message the host and ask if they would accept a well-behaved, litter-tray-trained cat. Every time the hosts have agreed.

So why bother sneaking them in when hosts often agree to it anyway? It’s a lot easier to not be sneaky.


Thank you and I agree!!

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NO!!! This would cause a bad review from them. Did the cat do any damage? Did she pee in the house? Claw the furniture? If you are sure there was a cat (like you saw it in video or you have something she peed on - can’t fake the cat urine ) write about it in the review, give them 1* and don’t recommend them but you never ever talk to them about it first because then they will give you 1* and not recommend etc…

OMG I wish I could do that, but my cats just act so dramatic one might think I’m taking them to the vet, but I think I have weird cats. Everybody else’s cats cuddle, play with each other, sleep together. Mine barely tolerate each other (and they are brother and sister!), when one enters the room the other leaves. they sleep in different bedrooms and if they happen to come closer than 1 yard of each other they hiss and growl. it’s not unusual for them to fight and go up and down the stairs chasing each other like at 4 am, growling and hissing and jumping to the jugular. 4am!

I’m the proud fur mama of five cats! However, I don’t allow pets at my Airbnb rental because I know first hand how cat fur is every where and difficult to get every strand of fur plus many people are highly allergic. I love my cats but I would never inconvenience a host. I totally understand the no pets policy.

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I allow cats (but not dogs, thanks to the HOA) and one of the reasons is that I’m so accustomed to cleaning up cat hair in my own place that it just seems natural to do it in the apartments. Plus we have a couple of stray cats who constantly lurk around and as I can never guarantee that guests haven’t let them in to one of the apartments, I can never claim to be allergy-free.

I think all cats are weird :slight_smile:


Thanks everyone for your replies we’ve taken all your advice. We own a cat but still do not want pets do to allergies of guest and the possible damage that could be done!


Especially male cats that might spray since it’s a new place to them and they might have the need to mark their territory.

love that. i have to find your listing. i love airbnbs with cats and I love wandering cats who go to several homes to check out the food and then they leave. i dont allow pets in my house because of allergies sufferers but I am nuts about cats.

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