Rule Sets - Editing and Deleting

Our list of rule sets has been growing ever since we started using them. I always found it easy to Edit one, but could not figure out how to delete them - and the darn list was getting big!

Airbnb help files did not help so I entered a ticket. Technically, the ticket did not answer my question BUT I finally saw how to do it.

Just go to your “multicalendar” and it will all become clear:

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So, @Jefferson, let me get this straight. You are saying that if someone wants to delete a rule set, that they should just click on the “delete” button that is in big green letters directly under the rule set? :dizzy_face:


lol - ah but the usual place where I have been creating and editing them does not display “delete”.

So I figured that some also might have run into that. :slight_smile:

Since i joined this forum few days ago reading the horror stories i added more rules to my listing :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Thank you for this tip :+1: I need to check into these.

Sorry, but the wit of IJD aside, when I go to the same page, I can “Apply,” “Edit” or “Ceate” a rule-set, but NOT delete. There is no “Big Green Lettered” “Delete” button anywhere NEAR the various places where I can access my Rule-Sets.

Any other ideas??

Found it! It is (inconveniently!) buried, within each rule-set’s editing page. (Should be right where Jeffereson suggested it was, when you’re managing ALL the rule sets (AND also be a button in each Rule-Set.


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