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RTB From Guest Who Doesn't Want Animals Around, Tries To Book Place With Cat

This is another one for the #EntitledGuest #GuestsGettingWeird column.

Got a late night RTB from a guest with 4 reviews for an overnight in a couple of weeks. Short note stating reason for visit and travel plans.

I replied with my “Please confirm you’ve read the HR and are cool with the cat.”

Then I read their reviews and a recent one was “Guest was scratched by small dog, 100% refunded ,” and the guest wrote “Glad you took care of this so promptly.”

I suspect the host clicked the “Would not host again” and blocked them from IB because guest can’t see IB on their computer.

Anyway, guest tells me the cat shouldn’t be near them and I need to guarantee that. (at this point I’m rolling my eyes and sorry I’ve opted for #DryJanuary). Short of locking said cat in my suite for the duration, which I could do and cat would be OK for the 16 hours, I can’t guarantee a pet’s behavior. Plus I didn’t like the tone of the messages and was not inclined to do that for them.

My listing - and the photos - are quite clear that I have a social Bengal who greets guests at the door. Literally all of my recent reviews talk about my cat. People book because of my cat. Seriously.

Anyway, I write back and suggest that based on her recent review about the dog, this isn’t a fit and she should look elsewhere.

She agrees and then ignores all my requests for her to withdraw her RTB.

I don’t want to decline and take the hit.

But seriously - WHY if you’re animal-phobic would you book my place? Miss Bella Marie Pesky Paws is literally everywhere in my listing and reviews.

And for those saying that a small dog scratching a guest is bad - 1,000% agreed. So let’s not go sideways on the why since we don’t know what happened there and I’m inclined to believe the dog based on that host’s reviews.

Anyone else seeing stupid people tricks like this?

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This is a case where I would spend my time to call or message Airbnb about it.

Maybe looking for another free stay.


As you said in your first line- entitlement. “I want to book this specific place because I like the looks of it, the price, the location, etc, so the host has to make it work for me.”


That was my first - and non-cynical - thought. I mean, it worked once…

She finally withdrew her RTB. I think she can’t IB because the dog owner clicked would not host again. I’ve done it.


My first thought, too.

“Host guaranteed the cat wouldn’t be around me, but it was and I got an allergic reaction and suffered my entire stay.”


There seems to be quite a lot of that lately, and it’s depressing. I’m glad having Bella is a filter for people who aren’t a fit. This isn’t my primary source of income (thank goodness), so I can be choosy about guests if I’m “not comfortable with this booking.”

I mean I love dogs so if I were going to El Paso, I’d stay with @KKC in a heartbeat and probably beg to dog sit. And while I have a no pets policy, @jaquo and cat are more than welcome.

It’s all about the delivery. :wink:


I just read their interaction - host has 135 reviews, all 5* except for this guest.

Host’s property wasn’t ready for our arrival. While he said a housekeeper had been there, it seemed the bathroom hadn’t been cleaned in months. We asked to wade in the pool upon arrival, but he said it needed to be cleaned before we could use it. His dog is friendly but gets excited and scratched me sufficiently to draw blood. The driveway is very steep. Unfortunately, we were uncomfortable and left shortly after arrival.
Guest, Oxford, OH

We try very hard to make our home a very comfortable place for guests to stay. Unfortunately, you cannot please everyone and some people feel it necessary to exaggerate the situation. We wish Guest the best in her future stays on Airbnb read less
Response from Host
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Fixed that for you :wink:

Sorry D.




Can’t be true - the host has back-to-back stays and lives in the home. It’s the ONLY negative review. #Karen


I think 90% of my guests would prefer Bella as the primary host!

That’s hysterical.


Exactly. No way 153 guests gave 5-star ratings when a bathroom that hasn’t been cleaned for months


the tone of her initial messages gave me pause and when she said she’d keep the door closed to ensure she wouldn’t have to deal with the cat, I just knew the next thing would be early check in and late check out and a cleaning inspection.

I get down on my hands and knees and clean the guest quarters.

I’ve run across these review disputes before where it’s actually really hard to tell who is lying. Sometimes you see that the guest in question has a dozen or more excellent reviews, with past hosts saying they were wonderful guests, left the place super clean, etc. And the host also has great reviews.

It’s a real head scratcher sometimes.

(Not referring to this particular guest. I think she’s a red flag)

You just keep digging :rofl:


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Agreed but in this case I’m inclined to go with the guest being at fault. I mean she picked at everything - driveway, pool, bathroom, and dog. I bet she has ZERO animal skills and the poor dog just wanted to get away.

I had a guest come and tell me she was a cat expert and against my directly telling her to put Bella back on the chair, she cuddled. If I hadn’t grabbed my cat out of her arms, she would have been scratched and it would have been her fault. Even her husband said “you really need to listen to people. The cat didn’t like that.”

Poor Bella, hanging on a chair to be sociable, snatched up (Bengals don’t like those sudden moves), and squeeeeezed against a stranger. Bella’s face was priceless - all 4 paws pushing against the guest and her ears were back. Seconds away from making her displeasure known.

Oh you are on a snark roll tonight, my friend. I’m crying here. My own fault for teeing that up so high.



Yes, as I said, I wouldn’t put this guest in the “head scratcher” reviews category. I was just commenting that sometimes I’ve found it hard to tell why both host and guest would have lots of great reviews, yet suddenly there’s this “he’s lying, she’s lying” situation.

How infuriating, that guest who insisted on “cuddling” your cat. People can have such weird ideas about animals and of course they need to listen to the pet owner. This whole idea of hugging and kissing animals is weird. Cats and dogs may put up with it, but they really have no idea what that’s all about- just some weird thing humans inflict on them.

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Oh def a head scratcher.

WHY book a place with an animal in the house when you’ve clearly had a bad interaction with other hosts’ pets?

I mean seriously. And I wouldn’t have known about the full refund if I hadn’t stalked her profile, like I do for all my requests, inquiries, and IBs.

You clearly don’t have pets.

You clearly misunderstood my response.

I meant it wasn’t a head scratcher in that it isn’t hard to figure out that this guest is one you don’t want. Of course it’s ridiculous for her to book a place with a cat and expect you to lock your cat up.

And I have had dogs and cats all my life.

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