Rooms For Trip - New player on the field?

Hi guys,

Recieved a phone call from a UK based company called"Rooms For Trip" yesterday.
Wanted me to list my property at their plattform.
They charge only a one time fee, starting at £ 149,-
My gut feeling says don’t do it.
Anyone heard of it?


Not heard of them but the basic fee seems like a lot of money unless you have multiple listings.

Sounds like even more money – if you have multiple listings! I wouldn’t try it.

Haven’t heard of them either.

I’ve now received calls from Go To Vacations as well, wanting me to sign up on their platform. I googled them and it only goes to a login page. Nope, not doing it. He started out the conversation by saying that he had 2 inquiries for my property, then couldn’t answer WHY they would ask THEM about MY property when I wasn’t listed with them. I don’t want to deal with liars.

There will be a lot of new pop-ups wanting to duplicate what VRBO is abandoning. The problem is that they need to build their platform and prove they have customers before hosts drop any money advertising with them, like Home Escapes is doing (although no inquiries have come through them yet).


They’re actually a US based company with a poor website and little to no brand presence for the UK.

He started out the conversation by saying that he had 2 inquiries for my property

@CanadianHost sorry, don’t know how to attribute this quote to you.

This is typical behaviour, like recruitment agents, they tell Employers ‘we have loads of candidates perfect for you’ and they tell Candidates ‘we have employers looking for exactly your skills’ when they have neither. But if they can get one, they go looking for the other.

(hold your cursor over the area you want to quote and drag is along to include the words you want to quote. The word “Quote” will pop up and you can click on that to include those words as a quote.)

Funny you say this. He started out by saying he had a request to rent our place in December. >>In December? We are full for December<< Oh, we actually have 2, one for December and another for November. Ohhhhhh! Yeahhhhhh, right!

The whole thing didn’t make sense from the beginning and he had no way of backing up his story. I finally said “this conversation is costing me long distance charges and it’s not going anywhere so I’m going to go now.”

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There was another company that I used to list with called Group Accommodations, I believe out of the UK. They offered a free listing forever to the first XXX number of North American listings as they were wanting to get more presence.

After awhile I started getting lots of emails from them wanting me to subscribe with them. (What?) I went on to see that my listing wasn’t there anymore. They were calling me and I wondered why they now were changing what they originally told me would be free. Long-story-short I wondered WHY I would pay for listing with them when my 12-18 months of listing had yielded Zero results?

I finally had to ask them to stop contacting me.