Rookie Question about Review for Late Guest

Hi, Everyone. I’ve seen a lot of good advice about reviewing guests, but I’m still not sure if I should write in the public review that the guest I just hosted arrived three hours later than agreed with little to no communication and that I had to wake him up at checkout time. He was perfectly pleasant otherwise.

Yes mention it. Then other hosts can decide whether those issues would bother them or not. I wouldn’t mind the late thing but waking a guest to check out? I’d have taken a bucket of water to throw over him.


Be truthful, accurate but unemotional. Reviews are for other hosts, not really for guests… Here’s what you could say:

“Guest was pleasant enough, but did not communicate well, arrived 3 hours later than agreed upon, and I had to wake him at check-out time to get him to leave.”

And score him no more than 3 stars for Communications…


I agree with the others. It should be mentioned so other hosts know about it.

Thank you, everyone!

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Please mention it!! These are the guests that irritate me the most! Communication is key, and having to wake them up for check-out-completely unacceptable!!!