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ReWriting Listing Description

I am constantly rewriting my listing because I want to make sure people know what they get and to avoid bad reviews

Wow, your place sure looks inviting. I love your decor. You were thorough in describing your place. It also sounds like you’re in a great location.

If I were you, I would not store wood cutting boards so close to the gas flame. In many countries, burners are electric so a guest might not understand that they need to move the cutting boards before they cook.

I’m confused about the length of stay and how much per night. I see the monthly price and the price per night for weekends.

Happy hosting.

Thanks! Your feedback is helpful.
Great tip about the cutting boards, I will take your suggestion.
I have setting on smartpricing. So, it changes based on demand, etc.
Yes, my area is hosting friendly. We get a lot of University folks.
I am receiving request from all over the world. Every since I’ve listed, I am
getting request. It’s hard to tell how long this will continue.

Also, it’s very competitive here and smartpricing is the best option.

Great listing! I would re-write the section on host contact to 1st person, “I’m available to…”

I would also stress that you’re near not just a grocery store but call it “the historic independent grocery store, Berkeley Bowl, beloved for its wide array of organic and bulk products”. (I love that place). Don’t you also have an awesome farmer’s market nearby on some day? “local organic fruits and veggies, cheese, organic jerky, freshly baked breads and pastries, etc.”

I like that how you put it – a true Berkeley experience.

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Great catches! And, thanks for the super good adjectives.
I hope you don’t mind me using them verbatim.
Yes, I should make sure I mention Farmer’s Market.
BTW–I grew up in Chicago!!

Sorry I was not able to read critically, I was too overtaken by the beauty of your things.


LOL!!! Thanks for that feedback!

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Cute place, @Artsy_Host!! And what nice reviews you have! What a great start!

I know what you mean about obsessing about the listing. I did the same thing, too, but stopped after awhile. Once you calendar begins to fill and you have more reviews you will relax a bit more.


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You hit the nail on the head…obsessing. Ugh!
Its the reviews that help??? Duh!!!
Ok, my reviews are fewer because of long term.
I heard I could get “recommendations” from people who know, but I could figure out how to do it. The AirBnB site is very poorly organized. Seems everything is embedded in some link having nothing to do with what I’m looking for.

Looks great.
And wow! you even have a lighthouse in the room :joy: hehehe

“All Guest staying beyond 7 days will agree to weekly lighthouse keeping service in their room.”

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I vary just a tad from the others due to thinking the rooms look a wee bit cluttered. Even though the art pieces are cool and everything, I don’t even see an inch of space to put my suitcase or even a glass of water on a table. Not saying this to slam you-- just my first impression. Also, Why so much emphasis on barware, flatware, etc, cool as it is? I would like to see what the flat looks like from the outside or maybe more of the neighborhood it’s in. But maybe it’s just me.


Thanks!!! Great feedback.
I agree the photo is deceiving.
The furniture to the right offers a huge closet for suit cases. I should emphasis that in the description of the photo.
When I took the photo without art and decor it looked like one “white” blah! so, adding art helped and emphasizes theme.
The showing of the barware, towels and flatware, are done to exhibit clean, functional space for long-term guest (my focus).
Good point about Outside and neighborhood.

Make the following agree in “personage”. The first sentence is “third person impersonal”. The second sentence is first person. The third sentence is something different again!!! All three need to be first person "I have…I am…I may be…

“The host has some availability for orienting guest to area and figuring out
public transportation. I am friendly and positive, and very good at
respecting boundaries. There’s a chance she may be traveling during a
portion of your stay; or, unavailable on a daily basis.”

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I know you are new and didn’t ask, but be SUPER careful of taking any reservation over 21 days. If a guest stays 30-days, they are converted to long term tenant status and should they decide to stay without paying you’ll have a nightmare on your hands. If you do take them over 30 days, make sure the proper lease agreement is signed. There are plenty of threads in this forum that discuss this. Including the recent one of the squatter who refused to leave a room of one of our forum members and kept calling the cops on her for harassment.


I love the color and theming of your listing; however, the photos don’t do it justice. I’m sure the aid of a proper camera, a $30 tripod, and some longer exposures at the right time of day (when you get light coming in), it would look so much more amazing.
Also, too much stuff. Agreed you have a great collection of utensils, towels etc. But I think there is no need to show all 20-30 pieces at once - makes it seem too crowded. I’d just select five or six matching pieces and feature those. I love art too, but think “art gallery”, not “garage sale”.


As a European, I don’t know what a BART is or a two bedroom in law home is, I would clarify that.

I would not use abbreviations for words like blks , blvd or meds and would use the full wording so all nationalities can understand.

Someone from Germany may not understand if you use the term green for ecologically friendly, it may mean just the colour ( We spell that different in Europe )

When reading the whole piece, the person who wrote it, is referred to as the host, I, we and she, it would read better if you picked one and used it throughout.

There is a misuse of capitals letters , for example the Host and Friendly

A few of these ; I would remove them

“Imagine sipping wine/ or having a cocktail, reading a book, listening to music, playing a board game and/or watching streaming TV/Movies in the living room “. Is guest access the best place for this, am not sure ? I would be careful mentioning wine or cocktails, I am sure you mean in moderation but you don’t want some fool getting drunk and then telling you it said it was ok in your listing.

“This home is charming in all the ways that “built in 1905”, I would rephrase that.

I like the tea/coffee section and the bathroom accessories for guests. I give one bath towel to each guest and in the guest bathroom there are 2 more towels. I think if I gave guests 20 towels some guests use the lot. From a country that rains too much, drying washed items can be a nightmare but this may not be a problem for you.

There are too many accessories around the living areas for my taste but each person is totally different and you design your home whatever way you like.

You can add in documents and also link in your favourite places to visit on the map.

I have a folder in all rooms, it has brochures of places to visit and eat and also train timetable and bus timetable, it might be handy for you if you are not always around. If you are away , I would be locking your own bedroom door .

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