Reviving Electronic House Manuals Thread

Luddite warning!

I’ve been meaning to add my paper guidebook to my Airbnb profile since the feature was made available. At some point I read the instructions provided, but was unable to use them: My paper guide is a google doc. Is that a (the?) problem? Or do I simply need to re-read the Airbnb instructions? Guests have commented positively on my desk guide but, as a guest, I have preferred researching ahead of time with the host’s manual to guide me.

I welcome any comments or suggestions that might nudge me past the “I don’t wanna’s” (insert crying baby :baby_bottle: :baby: emoji)

*Im wanting to upload the doc and do NOT want to re-type 6 pages…

Not an expert here but I started to create my guide book online. IMHO it is not what I expected. It doesn’t allow you to upload documents. You can just search for landmarks, activities, restaurants, etc. I may be incorrect but that’s all I have found so far.

Airbnb Help is a great resource for the basics around managing your listing. @rubychix

You can just copy and paste your existing content into it. Prob need to reformat a bit.