Revising a Review

Both my guest, Des, and I are furious with Airbnb. He made some unintended mistakes on his review and suddenly found it was published. Airbnb will not allow him to change it. How ridiculous. Des had a wonderful time. This is the second time this has happened to me. The last time a very satisfied inexperienced airbnb guest gave me a one star rating by mistake. They were very apologetic but Airbnb would not rectify the error. To add insult to injury they sent me messages that I should do better. What nonsense. I am a superhost and very proud of my service.

Des is very embarassed and has taken it up with Airbnb and has had a bland reply stating nothing can be done.

Nothing either of you can do to get them to change it…

Yes, Ken, I appreciate that. I just wanted to vent my dissatisfaction at Airbnb who spend all that time exhorting their hosts to be “super” whilst they are unable to create a site where simple human errors that can affect my business can be rectified.

Welcome to the forum. You will find many unhappy hosts here to share your misery.