Reviews not posting this week

** FYI **

I got an email that a guest reviewed me, and I reviewed her, so our reviews should have posted immediately but it never showed. I messaged ABB and got this response:

“I’m sorry, but the reviews system is currently having technical issues. I can confirm that we had received several reports about this. The Airbnb tech department has been notified and they are trying their best to fix this as soon as possible! Rest assured that your review will be saved and stored until the issue is resolved, if you have left it before.”

Not being one to go quietly into the good night, I picked “Not resolved” when promoted and was sent to a case manager who responded:

"I just wanted to reach out and let you know that I am actively working on this ticket. We were advised that there is an ongoing issue related to this one. We’ve heard back from our Technical Department, who asked me to let you know that they’ve documented this issue and truly appreciate your report.

They’re investigating the root cause of the problem and working to fix it as quickly as possible, but unfortunately they were unable to give me an idea of when it would be completely resolved.

We appreciate your understanding in this kind of situation. Rest assured that as soon as the issue will be resolved, the review will automatically be posted on your account."

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I had one happen earlier this week. It was a couple who lives nearby but comes in for doctor appointments (locals! the horror!, sorry ,) but, anyways, they’ve stayed with me before and left an awesome review and said they would like to stay another time yet again. I got the cue that they had left their review so I wrote mine and mine posted but theirs didn’t. I wrote into CS and was basically given the, “thank you for being patient, yes we know…” routine. I might call tomorrow and poke them about it. It really bugs me because I know their review is awesome and I should get it since they wrote it. Ugh. Glitches.

I’d love to hear if/when you get anymore information or response about yours, please @LCL

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I couldn’t remember if I had posted a review or not for our last guest (REALLY long week - fortunatly she was an easy guest and left everything in great shape.)

Anyway - I went to check by looking under Profile and scrolling dow to Reviews. In the Reviews by Guests hers showed up…in the Reviews by You there wasn’t anything and I am pretty sure I hadn’t written one yet. I was able to read hers there! I then checked my Progress page…the one she wrote was not on the Progress Review page. I wrote my review, posted it and a few moments later hers showed up n my Progress page. New glitch? I will wait until my present guest leaves and check under Profile again before I review him :slight_smile: to see if it happens again. I’m pretty sure he will write a review and it should be good since he just booked another stay and I have seen reviews he gives on the AirReview ext. Will be #200 :slight_smile:


@Terryathome: #200 - congratulations!! :grinning:

It seems like lately Airbnb is having many issues and their “specialists” are not adecuately equipped with the skills to pinpoint bugs in their program : (