Reviews have trends

I used to be on both VRBO and Airbnb for 3 years. Now only using Airbnb platform.

1st year hosting, one VRBO elderly guest’s review mentioned about uncomfortable sofa.
That was the beginning. My sofa was repeatedly mentioned all the way to 3rd year.

In contrast, on Airbnb platform, nobody ever mentioned about sofa in 4 years.

I agree that my sofa sucks though ^^

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At some point you should have replied to one of the guests complaining and said “Thanks for the feedback on the sofa everyone we have replaced it with a new one which I guarantee is comfortable”. And just left the old one there.


I had the same issue once. The interior walls of our home do not go all the way to the ceiling (watch “Caribbean Life” and you’ll see some other houses like this), so sound can carry more than in a closed-in home. Yes, you can hear a toilet flush if you are near the bathroom wall and the house is quiet. Three groups mentioned this in a row - the first was gently “warning” other potential guests, the second said they thought it humorous, and the third told everyone how I was “putting in small radios to drown out the noise if you are shy”. Never heard anything about it again!

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