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Reviews for canceled bookings now possible


When I review a guest, I only do the narrative - maybe 2-3 sentences. I never tic the individual stars for communication, cleanliness, etc., because to me it’s redundant. (I can’t recall whether I even click on the thumb up/down.)

I’m not going to play their silly little ratings game, they can read the review and find out all I’m going to say. I’ve got things to do, places to go and people to see.


I’ll make the same argument here as to why we must leave reviews because we benefit from other hosts doing so. When I look at a guest’s ratings for these parameters, I can form an idea of what sort of a guest they’re likely to be.
To me, that’s not at all redundant.


and don’t forget posting on Airhost forum. Welcome back, haven’t “seen” you lately.


Hi @Astaire

What I mean is that it is a redundant exercise for me to have to review the guest when I am already using wording of my choice, as well as having to rate guests with stars. Many of the star categories don’t apply to what I experienced and I don’t like pigeon-holing my answers in pre-set formats if I have the option of self-expression.

It may help hosts to have both a written review and a rating by stars but they will not be getting both from me. They’ll have to glean everything they want to know from my narrative, brief though it may be.

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Hey girlfriend! Thanks for the welcome!

Yeah, I took a brief 3-day vacay in the hospital and have occasionally had a break in the haze of the Land of Happy Meds. I will poke my toes in the door of the forum to test the waters every now and then but you know how it goes…


Yuck! Glad to see you are recovering nicely with your sharp wit intact.

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I know this is a bit of old thread, but rather than start another one, perhaps someone might see this have an idea.

We got a 2-night booking (Fri & Sat) on the day of check-in (Fri). All cancellation policies are pretty much forfeited at that point. The guest gave us their ETA and show up as planned (approx. 6:30 pm). However, they failed to mention they had a large truck and large trailer in tow. Our parking is as described: 2 driveways with tandem parking for 2 cars, and street parking - there were already 2 cars on the property (my partner’s and another guest’s). The guests requested a refund upon arrival which was granted (except a $3.03 charge because it didn’t give an option to issue a full refund).

So we’re prompted to leave reviews. Should I bother? We didn’t get another booking and lost potential revenue. The guest failed to mention his driving situation, and I don’t think hosts should be responsible for providing parking for large trucks and trailers and acquiesce to full refund for lack of communication. Thoughts?


I haven’t reviewed any of my canceled guests. I just think it would make me look petty.

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Did they request a refund from you, which you agreed to, or from Airbnb?

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I granted a refund - less the host’s admin fee apparently bc I was at a bar in another country at the time and only had my cellphone, and as we all know, the mobile site and app have their limitations. All cancellation policies were exhausted at this point since the booking, check-in, and arrival were all within just a few hours. Because the booking had already commenced by time the guest arrived (after 3 pm), the guest had to initiate a cancellation. I never cancel a guest’s stay - that’s on them to do.

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