Review time how do i do this one

I recently had a guy who booked for 1 guest 7 nights,
On the night of arrival i had waited to greet him before going to work. After an hour elapsing after the specified time of arrival. I message him to make sure he has not lost as my property is a new build and not on sat nav yet.
He replied saying he and his wife are about 30 minutes away.
Being new to airbnb and not knowing the protocol for this sort of thing, i just accepted that i had an extra guest and welcomed them into my home, the very next day he arrives back at the property while i was doing some work outside and informed me he had stubbed his toe.
24 hours later airbnb contact me to say he has to cancel the remainder of his stay as he is finding it hard to climb the stairs and needs a bath with better access. ( He is also putting forward a claim saying he stubbed his toe in my house ) i agreed to the cancellation.
I eventually get home to find they had departed 5 hours ealier.
Everything seemed in order, but my bedroom door was wide open, this space was not on the listing and this is not how i left it. The bed also appeared to be slept in although i cannot be a 100% sure about this as i am about the door.
How should i write this review.

The guy is taking the piss. You should have charged for the extra person. Not great he didn’t give you a heads up on the lateness. Toe, refund, cancellation thing is total tosh, what is he a baby? No refund for him by rights. He is an unreliable chancer, trouble is you looked like a walkover. Yep he probably did use your bed but you can’t prove it. Low key damn with faint praise review with low stars and a thumbs down. Toughen up (someone said that to me today as well) and change your sheets!

Hi and tganks for that … feel a bit used by him, sheets already changed. this is only my second host so really had no idea what to do when he arrived late with someone else. Also i was late for work.
Should i just tell the truth in the review ? That he booked for one arrived as a two, and i was unhappy that i did not get to see him off so i could ask why he left my bedroom door open ??
Airbnb cover you insurance wise for accidents and stuff dont they ??

Cannot recommend Guest. S/He invaded private spaces, abused check-in and checkout times, didn’t notify us if second guest, and has made unsubstantiated claims, and more.


Now then @Jarl, it’s a really good idea to read this forum extensively and the Airbnb help pages so you know where you stand on various issues. It is true that many people host for years without any major bother but you still need to know about it for the day that it happens.

For example, you shouldn’t have agreed to the refund. Airbnb was only suggesting it to you.

As for reviews, it is imperative that you review guests honestly. Imagine that I’m your best friend and that the guest is planning to stay with me next - what would you want me to know? Never be afraid of leaving an honest review.

Sort of but it’s best if you imagine that they don’t. It is time consuming (very) to make a claim from Airbnb and there’s no guarantee that they will pay out. And sometimes, if they do, it’s a fraction of the amount that you’re claiming for. You really need to have your own STR insurance.

Thanks for taking the time to advise. I dont have to refund, and if someone arrives aith more than the booked amount of guests, can i rufuse to accomodate them and also not refund ?? If they invade my space can i ask them to leave. ??
Important lessons i am learning,
I will always come here before making a decision.
The insurance i was asking about was incase he sued for medical bills. But if i am to continue with this i will get properly insured.

For my review i should just be brutallly honest about what i know, and leave out my suspicions.
Wish i had found this site last week.


Oh @Jarl

Please do as @KKC suggests and familiarise yourself with the Help Centre. This will cover most the basics like this and help you be more confident about making day to day decisions without having to check in each time here.

  1. When he turned up with an extra guest, if you have an extra charge you should have gone into the booking amended it and made sure he accepted the change before letting them check in.

  2. You need your own home insurance for STRs. In some countries Airbnb has liability insurance. If you are in a country with liability insurance there is information and contact details for starting this process on the Help Centre.

  3. For your review be professional and factual. He booked for one, turned up with two and didn’t offer to pay for his additional guest. He turned up an hour and a half after the agreed check in time without letting you know. (Not sure what you meant by bathroom with better access or how he was meant to stub his toe?). If he looked after your home and left it neat and tidy when he left mention this too.

That was @jaquo but I’d suggest the same thing if I cared enough to post on this thread. :wink:

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Thank you all for this knowledge. Yes i will be polite professional and honest,
The bath access became an issue once he had stubbed his toe.
As for renegotiation of the extra money for the extra guest, i think this might bring about animosity. So i would rather know if it is possible to refuse to allow them to stay, this is what i wanted to do but never knew my rights.
I live in the UK … hoping this is one of the countries covered by Liability insurance,

What is STR insurance… ??
Thanks to all …

Nothing too cryptic - Short Term Rental insurance. :slight_smile: There are insurance companies in the UK that will offer this but I’ll have to rely on one of the British contingent here to let you know which insurance companies to contact.

You will feel one million times better about hosting once you have it!

Oops sorry @jaquo and… @KKC :blush:


Hi Jarl,

I’m in the UK too. We switched to Towergate Insurance earlier this year and were very happy with the service they offered, and the premium, which covered us for STR but was still less than our previous cover.

Good luck!

Thanks @Joan I will give them a try.

I somehow thought you already had…

Hi all an thanks for the replies,
Please see my review below and comment

Dean booked for 1 guest 7 nights about 4 weeks prior to staying.
He arrived 2 hours late after the 930PM check in time with his wife, No apologies lateness, No offer of payment for extra guest.
Dean asked to cancel his stay after only 2 days, the house and room was vacated with no damage.
While I was at the property house rules were adhered to.
However on my return from work, after they had checked them selves out. I observed rubber shoe marks on my painted stairs and the privacy of my bedroom had been invaded.

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Remove this part of the sentence, it detracts from the flow of meaning. If you insist on writing something positive for this awful guest (I remember the thread) then put it at the end or something. Say you cannot recommend this guest.

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Hi Jess thanks for that i have ammended the review still not posted it.
The mans extra guest never even had the courtesy to greet me. Should i mention this ?

Thanks again for all your help

I wouldn’t mention her ignoring you, but it’s probably a sign he knew he should have paid for her.

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Hello again
They have already left a review for me, obviously i have no idea what it says …is there anyway in which they can change this or retaliate to my review.
Ps am starting to wonder if it’s all worth the hassle

Thanks Jess,
I was actually relieved when they left.