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Review-reply Oddness

I recently tried to rebut a couple of things a guest said in a review. AirBnB won’t publish my rebuttal. Does anybody have any idea why, or how the system works?

This is really confusing because normally when I reply to a review, it’s published instantly, so quickly I can’t believe anybody at Air would have actually read it. I imagine Air has bots that check for bad language and maybe certain sensitive words, and that when that happens, replies might get flagged for human attention or just canned automatically.

But in this case, the only thing that a bot could see that might draw attention is that my replies are normally two or three sentences, and this one was more like seven or eight (I had to explain why the points the guest made were misleading.)

I don’t really care if we get a bad review (this is the only one we’ve ever had in over a year - most are glowing), but if I can’t correct for factual errors, that’s really irritating and unfair.

So again - is it possible Air has live staff reading these things and that a bot might flag some for review?

If you don’t mind posting the response here, we might be able to give you some pointers as to what might be jumping out at them.

Thanks for the offer, but that’s not actually what I was asking about. I’m just really surprised that somebody at Air might actually be reading these things, especially given that all of my other replies seem to get approved instantly. Has somebody been looking at those too? Like I say, they get published so quickly I thought there was no approval process involved.

If somebody at Air has decided my reply is not acceptable, I’d rather be able to ask them what the problem is instead of having other hosts speculating.

I recently wrote a reference for a new host and a reply to a guests review, both never showed up on the website, and I was unable to resubmit, in the case of the reference for the new host, it says "you already left a reference’. Could be a glitch?

That’s possible, but it be an incredible coincidence that the only slightly negative reply I’ve ever written gets caught.

This could all be easily resolved if Air had an address you could send technical questions to. It’s really irritating that they don’t (last time I checked).

Neither my reference or reply to a review was negative. You can always reach out on twitter…I think the handle is @airbnbhelp

Twitter? I had no idea. Thanks. I used to be a software tester and we always had some clear method for users to raise a trouble ticket. Some would be dismissed, but most would result in an answer or a work request. In any case, the user would always find out if anything was being done, or at least get some sort of an answer. Nothing as disorganized as Twitter.

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