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Review question


If I make duplicate reviews for my guests can they see my reviews for all my other guests or just for themselves?


Hi diamond54

Impressive, if you have that many guests that you have to template your review of them… would be a good problem to have…

However, if people wanted to dig, they can see all of them. They are all public reviews and so when they click on your profile, all your reviews come up with pictures and names of people that wrote them. So, if someone wanted to find out what you wrote about those reviewers, all they have to do is click on their profile pic and have a look.

After a while, it people looked at enough of your reviewer’s profiles, they would notice the pattern.

Personally I would think that would work against you and people may think you were ‘too lazy’ to write individual reviews. PLUS, every guest is different, so it is worth saying something different for each guest. Which also helps the rest of us hosts judge whether we would let them in our house too.

So it works both ways; Take the time and you will win overall.

Good luck with it

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