Review puts us in a different town and also dings us on "location"

I know this this has been discussed before but we have just had another review which would have been all 5 star otherwise. The written shortest we ever review had simply reads “Great home space in (name of town)”. The only thing is, that the town named is not the same as ours and is about 10 miles away from us. The guest’s reason for visit was to attend a wedding in the other town so they probably would have preferred to have stayed in one of the many Airbnb’s in the town where the wedding was. It is not our fault as hosts as we listed our location accurately and obviously it has not moved. As their review is obviously at the top I am thinking of writing a rebuttal to the fact that we are not located in the town named, as if I were a guest and I was looking for a place in our town and saw that review I may just ignore the listing and go straight to the next one.
Maybe I should contact guest first and ask them to remove the review, but if they were to agree, would Airbnb allow this?

I think that’s a waste of time.

I usually advise only to respond to correct obvious mis-statements of fact so this qualifies. I’d just say “Our Airbnb is located in xxx, not in the town stated in this review.”


As long as your listing clearly shows where you are, I really wouldn’t waste the time trying to sort this out. Guests leave all sorts of weirdness in reviews sometimes.

You’re not alone - I’ve had several reviews over the years saying that our apartment is a great place to stay ‘in Miami’. We are thirty miles away from Miami.

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That’s good to know. If I’m ever heading to Miami then I won’t try and book you direct. :stuck_out_tongue:



I don’t think Airbnb would allow the guest to edit their review. I think your best bet is to write a rebuttal in which you mention the correct name of your town.

I only ever reply to reviews in order to clarify something or to correct an obvious error. So in this case, I would just say “Thank you for your review. Just to clarify, our property is located in xxxx, not xxxx.”

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I would add “as per our listing”

My daughter had the same issue.
Perfect 5 stars in 50+ reviews.
Don’t remember exactly how many reviews but she got knocked off that pedestal by someone who bitched about her not being in the nearby city?!?!
She has a SKI IN / SKI OUT chalet up a ski mountain 20km from town.

Your location should have been very clear as soon as they reserved, with good communication from you.
At that point, they should have cancelled, or been encouraged to cancel, due to choosing a place too far from the wedding venue.

Our listing states in the description headline "Suite with private entrance in (name of town). The second photo is a close up of the sign at the entrance to town which says "Welcome to (name of town). How could this have been made more clear? The map on listing page was also clear. I have sent a rebuttal simple stating that we are located in x town and not y, in order that future guests are not confused.
The issue here is why should hosts be penalized for the mistakes of guests as we have no control over where we are but guest has total control over where they book.