Review on Smell

When I entered our cabin to clean today it smelled like marijuana. We state no smoking in our rules. The smell was removed by our normal cleaning following the AirBnB guidelines of cleaning. When I give my review is it fair to list that it smelled like marijuana upon entering to clean, even tho I didn’t find evidence, or since a normal clean took care of the smell do I let that off the review. This guest also did not complete any of our very basic check-out list which I do plan to mention on the review and dock for. This guest had 7 shining reviews prior, so I was a little surprise when I walked in and found what I did.

I would just state that guest smoked indoors and broke several house rules. I wouldn’t say it was mariguana just in case it’s illegal in your state or the guest doesn’t want his employer to know he smokes pot. Ding him with the star rating.


Specific mention of drugs will get your review pulled. And just because the place smelled of pot doesn’t mean they were smoking inside. Also vaping will leave the smell, but vaping isn’t smoking- there is no smoke involved. It’s water vapor. So if you don’t want people vaping, you need to say that in your house rules.

You can’t accuse guests of smoking if you have no proof, and smells are subjective.

Then I really don’t see any reason to mention it. If you do mention it then, to be fair, you should also mention: