Review of my new website


Thanks for all advice that you can have for our new website

The page booking will be soon updated and changed with special page from our channel manager (needs that they are ready with the booking widget). The photos will also be updated in few months with the photograph. I have only done the english part yet and not yet done the SEO part.

A question.
Should I buy the google review widget? (If I understand it can help with the SEO by showing a ranking).
Should I put all languages that will be using google translate?

Thanks again

Based on a quick look at, have a native English speaker review the text. You’ve got at least one typo - appartment. Should be apartment.

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Thanks I will ask and I updated “apartment”

I’d second getting a native to read through the text; there are numerous minor errors.

Lovely pictures ! I do think you could flesh out the description somewhat …its rather bareboned which I suppose works on Airbnb but less so on your own website.

It doesn’t show as updated here. The text is not particularly long. I can post an edited version if you want, but I don’t guarantee it will be anything like perfect.

That will be very nice, now it’s updated.

Hi @sylvainbg, a first attempt appears below. Your formatting and punctuation could also use some work. I’ve corrected some of the more glaring punctuation issues. I think you’ve overusing brackets, though I tend to do that myself. You’ve forgotten a lot of periods (full stops).

Some notes:

  • It’s not clear what you mean regarding the breakfast. Will the breakfast be made and left in the fridge the night before?

  • I don’t know if

We will try to be here to meet you on arrival. If we cannot meet you on your arrival, we will give you the code for the key box, so you can do a self check in.

is what you meant. Please correct as necessary.

  • Our friends the animals are not accepted at AlmbyBNB.

is curious phrasing, but it’s not wrong, so I left it.

  • You should be consistent about whetheryou use letters or numbers for small integers. I.e. one vs 1. Not that anyone would care or notice.


Some information:

Sheets and towels are included.
There is a dining area and a kitchen.
AlmbyBNB offers free WiFi and access to Netflix and other streaming services (equivalent to a TV).
Coffee, tea and chocolate are included and free of charge.
A continental breakfast can be booked, and will be left in the fridge for 80 SEK per night per person.
A cot is available and costs 100 SEK per night.
Bikes can be rented for 100 SEK per day for an adult, and 50 SEK per day for a child.

The apartment has 3 bedrooms with 6 single beds, which can be moved together. The apartment has 1 bathroom and 1 extra toilet. It is possible to add 2 extra beds for children for 175 SEK per extra bed per night.

Check in is from 15.00.

Check out is until 11.00. Please contact us to see if we can arrange for a late check-in or early check-in. We will try to be here to meet you on your arrival. If we cannot meet you on your arrival, we will give you the code for the key box, so you can do a self check in.

We ask for no smoking and no shoes inside the apartment. Our friends the animals are not accepted at AlmbyBNB.

Hello @sylvainbg

Maybe get someonr like @konacoconutz to look at the copy - as a copywriter and established host, I am sure she would do a great job.

My general comments in addition to spelling and grammatical mistakes are;

The home page should promote key benefits. Unless you are Swedish you won’t know your location.

Paint a picture from the guests prospective - what sort of guests are you targeting? why should they visit, what’s your nearest airport, how far, local attractions, do you need a car, shops, cafes?

You need more of description of your property itself

You need to do some work to help optimise the site. Think about key words that will attract your guests. You need to change your page titles. Include more photos of local attractions.

Include some quotes from previous guests and photos of them enjoying your property if they are happy to give permission.

Think about how you will drive traffic to your site.

Just some initial thoughts.

Best of luck.

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Awe… thanks for the vote of confidence Helsi, but I only work with business-to-business and corporate clients and agencies. :smile:

I think when it comes to writing your listing and/or website, it’s a work in progress! I know mine was! I tinker with it constantly still. :smiley: You can also use SEO or keywords, but this is a challenge because these search algorithms seem to be in a constant state of flux. I am not a huge fan of manipulating copy to fit SEO, making it more awkward and not necessarily too effective. I would always want to err on the side of more effective communication.

But maybe those familiar with that technology could better answer.

Best to put yourself in the shoes of the guest… what do they want to see or do in your area? How will your property be a great way to do that? What are the pluses, and more importantly, the cons? Be honest! You don’t want to over promise!

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Per @konacoconutz:

“I think when it comes to writing your listing and/or website, it’s a work in progress! I know mine was! I tinker with it constantly still.”

Truer words were never spoken. It’s the same with me and here it is 7 yrs. down the pike, still tweaking and editing and trying to lure in the prospective guest with just the right lingo. Of course, it doesn’t help that I can come up with 5-6 ways to say the same thing.

OCD reigns. (sigh)

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I would put pictures on the landing page.

It is not clear what country the property is from, it should be really clear that it is in Sweden.

I would list currency in dollars/Euro’s as well, makes it easier for people to work out prices in their heads.

Add some social media tabs, facebook and twitter, you can link the two so you only have to update one.

Make sure it is mobile friendly, in Ireland for example, 80% of fiscal transactions are done via the phone.

Show some pictures of local food, and throw in a free picture of happy family eating together, I would show off some beautiful fjords

Viking history is becoming very popular again, especially with the TV programme from the history channel ( 6 million viewers in USA alone ), link in a bit about Sweden’s viking history, and list

Lots of good articles on SEO , even a lay person can follow the.

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I agree I love to use brackets, thanks that you help to notice that.
For the breakfast, we are leaving all the necessary products on the fridge the night before as self service.

You are totally right regarding "We will try to be here to meet you on arrival. If we cannot meet you on your arrival, we will give you the code for the key box, so you can do a self check in."
I think I will keep to use numbers as it’s easier for people to read, many of our guest are using mobiles.

Thanks again it is much better.

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I add : "Örebro is in the heart of Sweden and it is easy to reach Stockholm for a day visit."
easier for people to know that Örebro is in the middle of the country?

Guests: We have 30% that are companies that take advantage that we have 3 real rooms and that is much cheaper compared to hotels rooms and they like to make foods, we have also 30% that are families, the other part is small group or couples. The nearest airport is Örebro airport but it is a small airport and not so many are coming from it. The nearest large airport is Stockholm (around 2-3 hours distance). I put 10 local attractations in the part Eat & Do, do you think it’s need more?. A car is not necessary as we have bus but most of people are coming from an other city and coming with a car. We have big supermaket that is 800 meters from our place, we have also many cafe that are 1-2 kilometers closer to the city center.
I agree the page titles is my next step for the SEO optimization.
I will put some more review that we got from Air BNB, we don’t have photos of them enjoying the place.

We have put 10 local attractions that people love to see, we have many companies that just want a nice place to sleep and where they can make food. Many people are coming because they have families or friends at Örebro, or it is a special events (in that case they will be swedish). In the summer we had people that are not familiar of Örebro but want to make a stop from the way from Oslo to Stockholm (in that case they will visit for a few hours the city).

We get it very hard as we don’t have one special type of clients.

Do you mean more than the 7 pictures that are on the landing page?
Yes I add in description :" Örebro is in the heart of Sweden and it is easy to reach from Stockholm."
The problem is we have dynamic pricing so we will this week end add the booking page so they can see prices for different dates (we have price that can vary between 50 dollars to 400 dollars a night).
Yes; I am thinking to add facebook as soon the website is done and had it as a sidebar.
I check the mobile friendly and checked with my phone, it is the reason I don’t want to have to much on the website.
Do you mean local food pictures in the galery?, fjords are in Norway, do you mean photos of lakes?
Great idea regarding Viking history, I will think if we have a museum or a place close to our place.

I just add some photos to the galery. Do you want to come to visit when looking of them?
I have also changed the review for a long english one we got on airbnb.

No worries - wasn’t sure if it would be your bag.

Definitely agree about key word stuffing, but where relevant, they are useful to include…probably a step too far for a host who doesn’t understand SEO to include so I probably shouldn’t have suggested it :slight_smile:

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Your grammar and sentence structure would also benefit from some assistance from a native English speaker. Best of luck and hope it brings you good business.

I’m sorry but as a foreigner this really doesn’t help me or give me any idea where you are. Do you mean it’s in the middle of the country? What do you mean easy to reach from Stockholm??? Be clear. It’s a beautiful nature reserve in the heart of Sweden/small country town or whatever. 100km from Stockholm easily accessible for car (1 hours drive), local bus from x (2 hours) etc etc. Will I need a car? Do you have public transport? Can I walk to a cafe etc etc

Emily brings up up great points. For your site to be found, you’ll need to expand the wording quite a lot. Bear in mind that search engines ‘read’ the code of the page, they do not see it as we do. And basically, this means that they classify your site on the words that you have written there.

You’ll need to include phrases such as ‘your apartment’, ‘the accommodation’, ‘this rental apartment’ because you need to ask your self what potential clients are searching for. To simplify this I would add a universal footer to each page of your site with a boilerplate phrase such as ‘rental apartment in [location] providing the best accommodation for your vacation.’ Make sure to get these important words in your body copy too to reinforce them.

Keyword density is important. A simple example - if a website has the word ‘trees’ on it more than any other word, then search engines (which are pretty naive!) assume that the site is about trees! However, get the balance right - your best keywords should have a density of about 3% and the text should flow naturally.

The more words you have on your site, the more keywords search engines have to grab and index!