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Review of a 3rd Party Booking


Ok. Sorry I don’t know.


With both times I had these after I asked about who was staying, they added the actual guest(s) to the reservation and I was able to communicate directly with them. Only after I asked, however. I would just be honest in the review then and say that it was never made clear that the person that booked wasn’t staying so you cannot recommend. Maybe say the actual guests left it clean but blocked your car in.


When I have–or suspect I have–a third-party booking, at the time of booking I routinely request contact information for the visitor, and I have never had trouble obtaining it. I then get in touch with the visitor (usually by e-mail) prior to their arrival in order to establish direct contact with them early on. This has worked well as a way to swiftly shift my contact from the booker to the actual visitor.


But then the thread is not on the app. I just find the 3rd party thing scary but I have never had a business booking as such, just individual business people for themselves. Where does the liability lie?


Well with my business bookings the thread was on the app.


But jdw asks to communicate with the person who is staying rather than the booker, so presumably it’s the booker on the app.


But I’m saying after I asked about who was staying the booker added the person(s) staying and I was able to communicate directly with them via the app.


That sounds like quite a sensible system then.


As for the review, can’t you say something like, “Although I did not realise that xyz would not be a guest herself, her group bla bla bla…” That way you’re conveying to other hosts that she did a 3rd party booking but that the 3rd party was alright.


She was not sneaky, she just booked a place for her team and told you that’s what she was doing and they left the place in good shape.



No. I am totally open minded and have not decided how to rate or review. But please let us all not pretend that she was not sneaky.
Otherwise the texts would not have covered up and continued to pretend that she was on the premises.
I am undecided what to do , but deciding based upon the facts, and the manipulations are helpful.
Thank You and no insult intended at all.


sure I can say anything…or I can say nothing. Not decided.
And if I do choose to say something…how many stars?
Still seeking all input.


“Cannot recommend Guest. She set up a booking for her and her “team” (not an official business booking) but never showed up her self – making the stay an “against the TOS” 3rd-party booking. Guests who stayed did treat the place pretty nice, but did violate a number of house rules, blocked driveways, etc.”


5 stars for cleanliness and 4 for rules 5 for communication because she told you she was booking for her team and thumbs up



If it happens again and doesn’t catch you unawares “Airbnb requires a corporate account if you are booking for a business stay and are not going to be a guest yourself. This is easy to set up, see . . .”
I don’t know that I would feel she is manipulative – she told you that it was a corporate team when you asked. I often use the business “we” in my work-related communications. When you asked how things were going, she may have simply checked in with someone staying there and relayed their response to you. I would have messaged her directly to arrange to move the car ASAP as soon as you were blocked in because the driver did not follow instructions. Then she could have got someone on the “team” to Uber back and comply with your parking rules immediately. It seems more like a giant miscommunication to me rather than something underhanded. Why didn’t you give the guests/booker feedback on the car problem when replying to the departure question text or the thank you exchange? I bet she thinks everything went well and doesn’t have a clue that you were fuming and pacing.


It’s possible I missed something but where exactly was she sneaky?
She booked a place for her team (stated upfront) under the business terms (right?) and… they left the place in good shape. What is the problem here?


I’d be peeved as well. I do not accept 3rd party bookings and have been caught up in them a few times, all with Chinese travel agencies (and then they tried to sell me on giving their 3rd party bookings a discount because they would book a lot of nights at my house…UM NO!) I believe in an honest review system so I would appreciate that your review accurately reflect your situation. “This was a third party booking and I was not fully aware that XYZ would not be present. The team left the place tidy upon departure but did leave a car in the drive for a number of hours blocking our ability to leave the home.” Plain and simple.


Best not to encourage a bad review by mentioning the car after the fact!


4 for cleanliness (spliff etc.), 3 for communication and rules (pretending to be there and blocking the drive.)


I just want everyone to know that I am listening to, and reading, all feedback.
I appreciate everyone’s input.
I still have not made up my mind.

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