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Review my review please, Bah Humbug



Mt guest just checked out this morning. He was ike a sloppy, irresponsible teenager with no respect for privacy, I don’t recommend him. He was sweet but charm makes no odds to me. I was going to not review him, but he has begged several times for a review as he needs one for London, and written one for me which I think will be good. Please advise.

Y had self check in. He was asked to bring the key lock box inside, but left it outside the front of the house which was a security issue until I returned the next day. I needed to check the shower room regularly for dumped towels, hair blocking the shower drain, soaked bath mat, wiping down after him etc. because it is shared with another guest. He shut the cat in his bedroom when he went out, the cat made a mess, and instead of messaging me on the app as requested he said nothing and dumped the soiled bedspread on my landing. He seemed to insist on tracking me down in person rather than simply messaging me, which is difficult as I tend to have things to do even when I am at home. On his second day my son was home from work with flu; Y walked into my son’s bedroom without knocking, the reason Y gave was he thought he was alone in the house. He also came in my private living room once without knocking. He mildly broke house rules on recycling, kitchen times and eating in the bedroom. He was in a lot during the working day, which I noticed because I often work from home.
He is friendly and cooperative, and could be a good guest with regular supervision and personal explanations and requests.


Just honor his request to write a review and be VERY HONEST about it. Be sure to explain about his cats mess and then how Y handled it as well.


My proposed review is above, what do you think of it? He didn’t handle the cat’s mess, he just dumped the bedspread on the landing.


That was exactly my point about the handling of the cat mess! I would personally take out the part about following up on him in the bathroom because it was a shared listing. But I would leave the remainded up to the last paragraph. If he was cooperative he wouldn’t have avoided using the app as you had requested. Also, even with your instructions he didn’t do as you asked. Perhaps “he is friendly and could be a good guest if he learns from his experience here” or some such. Of course I also think many on the forum think I make my reviews too detailed. I think the more the better, as long as it is factual.


Ok. But I hardly ever get guests I have to pick up after in the shower room because they all leave it clean and tidy, he was sloppy. In my house rules it says leave the shower room clean for the next person.


Then leave it in. Sounds good. And if it is important to you and in your House Rules, by all means! I love honest detailed reviews, as I have said.


Keep it shorter. Just hit the most important points. You don’t want to come across as a high maintenance host.


For a high maintenance guest?


Be factual and neutral:

X might be a good guest if he paid attention to house rules and common courtesy, and learned to respect spaces and property not his own. Left major messes, entered private spaces without permission, disregarded many House Rules and has poor communications skills.


Ken’s version does the job too. I still prefer the details. Many Hosts feel too many details mean they don’t read it all…or TLDR. Do what works for you, and certainly what works for you will change over time as a Host.


Remember that guest reviews can also be read by future guests. Or lack there of if you scare them off from not booking.


I’d much rather scare of a potential Guest that can’t comply with the things I point out in my detailed reviews. To each their own. I was much less detailed as a new Host and have evolved to more and have overall gotten better Guests…although also have been better able to deal with the problem ones as well.


I dont want guests who leave keys out, leave shower rooms in a mess for other guests or go in private bedrooms.


He wants his review, but I suspect he’s in for a shock!
Anyway you can let him see it first? He may learn from it, and still get his London trip.


Well he did admit to my face he had broken several rules, so he is pretty stupid to insist on a review. The cat shit thing was pretty low. I was going to give him a free pass, but he went on and on about wanting the review again this afternoon so I let him have it. I guess he needs to learn to respect others, not just when he wants something from them, that being male doesn’t give him a god given right to leave a mess, and to be careful what he wishes for. My review was a cross between mine and King Ken’s.


Yes, that is the only type of guest that may be concerned with a novel of complaints.


I like your review. Sometimes details are needed for a proper explanation and I wouldn’t worry about the length. Yes it’s perhaps a little long but if you want to describe your experience then words are needed and sometimes it’s even a of bit fun to read a thorough review :grinning:


Hi sounds like he thought he was still living with his mummy - there to clean up after him!


The sad thing is I really think he thought I would not mind wiping his pee from the toilet rim, or scrubbing his skid marks from the bowl every day. He regularly left the toilet roll in the shower cubicle, that’s how domestically challenged he was. Honestly someone needs to house train him, and it ain’t gonna be me.


I would appreciate absolutely all details and as I am in London I would not want him rocking up in my place. In fact I would probably ask him to leave after 24 hours of that kind of behaviour. btw sounds like he may be a bit more than just ‘challenged’.

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