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Review input, added guests and dogs

I have a recent guest, we chatted, she booked with four people and one dog. Two weeks after booking and about two weeks before the start date, she wanted to bring two more people and two more dogs. She did not ask, she just said she was inviting her cousin and niece.
In fairness, I do not have an extra charge per guest so she could have booked up front for 6 not 4.
I have not had anyone ask to bring three dogs before so had not determined to charge extra. Guess I have to think that through. I am a dog owner and hate extra dog fees, but also know it takes more clean up.
I felt uncomfortable with her just assuming and grilled her on the additions, types of dogs, training, etc.
Since i agreed to this, should I mention it on the review.
Something like, XYZ was a good guest, communicated well, left the house clean, though I was surprised at her request to add two more people and two more dogs about two weeks before the rental dates
Is that type of thing something that should be passed onto other hosts?

My pug sneezes in your face and also because his tail is curled up his bum is always exposed and can leave poo marks where he sits. He does lick any stains up but its still bad. Especially if it’s a white bedsheet. Haha. He’s not allowed in guest room.

But yeah dogs are messy animals.

Now this is why I don’t have a dog!

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This is why in my listing I charge extra for every child and pet. Yes I have kids and yes I have pets. I like to bring them with me and like to stay affordably. BUT, if you’re providing breakfast and snacks, that’s more food. You’re providing bedding and towels, it’s more laundry. Even after the perfect dog-owner, you’re going to have extra cleaning. And that’s if they’re perfect guests (and those are usually the ones who understand the fees).

I know it’s probably too late now, but I would update your charges to $X per guest over whatever you’re comfortable with, and message back saying whether your space can accommodate them, and what your fees are for the extra people. Because you know they’re going to split their cost with the extra people, so even with raising your rates for a bigger group the original person booking will still pay less.

AND, I wouldn’t feel comfortable with more than one dog. It’s different having your own dogs in your own space, but what if the dogs are super excited or don’t get along? Ugh. And anyone who complains about $5-10/night extra for their dogs, tell them how much boarding costs…

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