Review help please

Because it i a forum: Merriam Webster: a place, meeting, or medium where ideas and views on a particular issue can be exchanged.

Exactly. Not a place to pontificate. There have been many discussions here over the years and I suggest you read some of them to understand more about us.

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Airbnb did not give you a 3. Your guest gave you a three. They were unhappy.


You learned all that from @jaquo two sentence reply from someone you know zero about.

Aren’t you something.

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I was told from the start, “If you don’t like it leave.” Rather dogmatic, and unhelpful wouldn’t you say? Now it’s “Us”? Like you have been elected to represent everyone on here? :rofl: Rather pompous. Next you’ll be calling me a racist. :upside_down_face: Can we stick to the topic: fair evaluation protocol.

Certainly. The topic is the OP’s question about how we suggest they review an unsatisfactory guest.


Serious question. At no point in your obviously lengthy education, did no one ever take a moment to teach you how to correctly emphasize a word in text? There is both an italicize and a bold option available in the text box. And though I tend to find them distasteful, even all-caps are also appropriate for emphasis.

And before you ask, yes, I am the quotation marks monitor. Everyone here knows that :grin:


That’s way too funny :joy:

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I had a professor once who taught an MBA level business law class. I was delayed taking a midterm while on travel, so made it up later and had to pick up my graded exam from his office.

He pointed out that my B- was a pretty good grade, because (announced with great pomp) half of the class didn’t pass.

I looked him in the eye and said, “If half of the class flunked, what does that say about your teaching ability?”


And there was a securities and investment class professor who stalked me – even sat next to me on the Metro one evening.

I worked for a federal financial regulatory agency. He was a little confused and thought I worked for the Federal Reserve, so he thought he could ask me for staffer scoop on what the Open Market Committee was going to decide on interest rates. As if!

He ran an investment firm. He had each student in the class pick and industry and analyze the top 40 companies in that industry for investment. Did he use that knowledge to his personal benefit? You betcha. I was a youngun at the time; it occurred to me much later that I should have given him completely bogus recommendations.

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Since your original post here is deleted, I can only see the responses, but seriously, you stated your degrees? I can assure you there are some highly literate people on this forum who have never found it necessary to legitimize themselves by bragging about their level of education.


The worst prof I ever had told us war stories of his days in the early mainframe industry, assigned us research papers so we could be unpaid research assistants on his PhD dissertation, and never taught anything. There were enough class cancellations and complaints about him that after 18 months he knew he wasn’t going to get tenure — and then he was diagnosed with cancer just before his last semester, so his classes were cancelled, but the University let him stay on the payroll in a non teaching position while he did surgery & chemo.

He cost several of us that were working full time and going to school almost full time about a semester each due to dropped classes that we had to take later.

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I will just put out a blanket apology for my " " usage now. I’m old and grew up in a time where the old bulletin board systems and forums were text only postings. Old habits die hard. I still have a tendency to use quotes and ellipses and spacing to emphasize as that was all we had available.
I will strive to do better!