Review for ok guest; member of group rude

I checked postings for this topic and didn’t find any. I feel like this has been discussed before.

Situation: Guest booked reservation for 3. HOA limits cars to 2, disclosed in listing. Guest wants me to arrange her group to have three which is not possible. Ended up OK. Guest communication reasonable.

Younger sister was first to arrive. Long story, short version calls me about gate & condo access, has written check in information but wants me to tell her what to do, then insults me, insults property, when I push back she hangs up the phone on me.

Airbnb asks us to review the group. Do I mention guest ok to work with, her sister failed to use self-check in instructions and was rude in her communication?



Definitely. The sister’s behaviour was nothing to do with the guest.

The reservation was for 3 ~ they are all “guests”. One bad apple spoils the whole bunch. Review honestly.


I rarely have the additional guests added to the reservation via their airbnb account. I think I have seen it twice in 2 years.

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I agree with above, Guest1 made the reservation and was pleasant and would be welcome again. Other parties also welcome. Sister was a piece of work and is not welcome back

Put nicely, of course :wink: Augh

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The text can mention individuals, the group otherwise.