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Review Dissapointment

Please let us know what they say, but I believe it’s clearly spelled out in the new Terms of Service. Frankly, I was surprised that there wasn’t more outrage about the new Guest Refund Policy on this board. For example it says the the guest can request a refund if there are pets on the premises that aren’t stated in the listing. Does that mean that I have to write in my listing that I let my friends bring their pets with them when they visit? If I get a new pet, do I have to get in touch with everyone who has made a reservation? The listing has to be “clean and sanitary”. What if the guest lucks out and reached a customer service representative who shares their excessive views on how clean a listing must be. Personally, I told my husband that if we even once have to shell out for a guests’ accommodations we are going to get guests and/or tenants somewhere else than Airbnb.


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I am not surprised in the least. One thing I have learned is that hosts are lazy and don’t fight for the right of other hosts in a general sense. They wait until a policy affects them personally. If the policy doesn’t affect them personally - then they sit there smugly saying how others shouldn’t “discriminate” etc. This is the reason why these large listing sites get away with their policies. Nobody takes outrage unless it affects them personally. The big picture is that the listing sites will continue to take control away from the owner because they have learned that every host is out for themselves…and collectively we don’t blow up their phones - we don’t all hit them with private feedback, etc. Hosts aren’t trying to diversify UNTIL it affects them.

That is what I have been saying with the new cancellation policies. Those who think everyone should be on a flexible policy because it “works for them” will eventually see that Airbnb is going to find a way to also take away their piece of the pie. Just wait…


@EllenN. Dec 7 by ass. This already happened to me back in Oct. Supposed substandard clean clearly set up by the guest in order to obtain refund. Everyone should be very very worried about this. Its getting to the stage where we will all have to take and file photos before and after every guest in order to validate our claims that we were setup. There is little protection out there for the host. We just have to cross our fingers and hope that we don’t get THAT kind of guest - in my case AGAIN.

Did Airbnb make you pay for your guests’ alternate lodging?

@Mearns - not sure what you mean by new linens.

Generally a guest from overseas hires linen. I make up the bed, put out the towels, they leave and then I wash them, return to the cupboard until the next guest wishes to hire. The bed has mattress protector, quilt, cover, pillow protectors for the guests not wishing to hire (they like to save the money and they know where their linen has been).

Not sure why this is so confusing to so many??

Ah, I thought they were always new! LoL

@EllenN. No because although she put in a complaint for substandard cleaning, ABB then contacts you to let you know. From there you presume to be able to resolve this yourself. However, in this instance, she refused assistance, then she stayed for 3 nights of the 5, then took photos to prove her case (i believe setup), made further list of rediculous complaints, then lodged for a refund after. I was away overseas, so the cleaner was doing her best to resolve the situation. If I had been here, I may have asked her to leave, but this is the way it panned out.
ABB sided with her. I was NOT given the opportunity to defend myself and the case was closed despite me reopening and have it escalated to try and defend myself, to again have it reclosed again before it was actually investigated.
These new guidelines are a real worry and do nothing to protect the host much. Looks to be in favour of guest.

Some people just don’t know what to write. They keep it short and concise precisely because they can’t do more.
A short polite note is better than nothing??


@jaquo - your probably right. After one really bad review, when you know your doing well, and think its gonna be great, then get that … :frowning: Stars were all 5’s. :slight_smile:

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@cabinhost - stars were all 5’s :slight_smile: however, what I found interesting in the stats was last 3 reviews getting 5s for everything except value. I find this confusing, as we are definately one of the best values out in our area not to mention we are even in our low season, so lowest price point too. I also hate the way ABB compares me to others in my area. I am a beach shack/cottage, not a mansion (which we have many surrounding us). That quote ‘worst house in best street’ comes to mind :wink: LOL. NOT literally tho.

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@Robert_Dudley. No I don’t charge for toilet paper. Do you actually charge at all??? :wink:

didn’t say it was a bad review. Said review disappointment. There is a diff.

I won’t change my linen policy, but will definately ensure that it is clearly stated on the site.

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Just as a matter of interest, I wonder why? It’s such a cheap and easy way to make sure that guests have everything they need.

Multiple properties, and just me cleaning them plus kids, plus business, bla bla. Bookings are generally back to back, sleeping 8, only 2 nights long most of the time times multiple properties… Thats a little too much washing for me with everything else. Pricing doesn;t cover including linen to be washed elsewhere and if I increase price, bookings would drop. I don’t charge for cleaning or bond either, again. Bookings would drop. 'We are in a competitive area. This works for me and works for the majority of my guests.

Linens was never the issue on this subject. Someone was surprised that it wasn’t included because i said i accidentally provided it, as it was originally requested, but they decided to save the money and bring their own (and surprisingly they were from overseas). The platform I use to manage my bookings had changed and I was unable to remove the note regarding linen.

This is for the OP! Not you jaquo :slight_smile:
You are placing too much emphasis on these reviews. Her review was just fine. I’d be happy with it. Why would you expect her to gush on and on about your place? I understand that we sometimes see ourselves as the center of a guests travel universe, but the guest may not. And for goodness sake please don’t grovel to get Air or her to change it.

Wow, your amazing. I think if you looked at my figures, you wouldn’t say I am in the nickel and dime business (very rude btw). Surprisingly enough, I actually do most of that too (maybe not the sunscreen). I too am in the hospitality business, I just choose not to supply linen as a mainline simply because I don’t wish to raise my price to cover the costs involved and I don’t have the time to wash all the time. Most of my guests are happy to provide their own linen and those that don’t, don’t book me. Its clearly stated on my site. This was not the point of my discussion either btw. Completely off tangent.

The change in the Terms of Service that goes in to effect on December 7th is that if Airbnb decides the guests is correct, that the listing is not clean, is incorrectly described in the listing, etc., the host will have to pay the difference between their listing and “comparable lodgings” that the guest will move to. Up until now, in rare circumstances Airbnb has paid for hotels or motels for guests who complained about the listings. After December 7th for example if the amount the guest would have paid to stay was $1,000.00, the guest complains and Airbnb sides with the guest, Airbnb can have the guest move to a hotel or motel. If the hotel or motel costs $2,000.00 the host will owe Airbnb $1,000.00.

This is very concerning because the guest can easily rig a property, put in a complaint in order to gain better accommodation than what they can afford at your expense. This is very dangerous grounds, enough so that I would even consider no longer using ABB. The system is flawed with too many holes for guests to scam. Luckily, the majority of them are ok, but as I found out the hard way, those bad apples are out there. If they can exploit it, they will.
What recourse do we as hosts have against it? ABB do not allow you defend yourself adequately. I was not given the opportunity to submit photos or evidence against the guest, even though it states you can. They closed the case before I had a chance. I am happy that the majority of my guests do not come through ABB.

I wasn’t placing too much emphasis on the review. Was just a bit disappointed and wondered if it happened to others, or if I missed something (read between the lines so to speak). I didn’t expect her to gush. Again, just disappointed at the wording, as the wording used to me in private messaging was quite the opposite.

And why would you think i would go to Air and GROVEL??

Wow, things can go off tangent on here. Thanks everyone for comments. Think i will leave this convo now.

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so I don’t care because I don’t provide linen free of charge :frowning::confused::dizzy_face:

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