Review counts are back/other things are broken

Review counts are back! Yea!

But…new problem. I just had a request to book from a family with an infant. We have a single room/in home listig that is not appropiate for infants or young children. I tried to decline but the screen glitched and layered two screens one over the other. I went from my desktop to a laptop and had the same issue. Tried refreshing, exiting the program and doing it again. No luck.

Called CS and they are sending the problem on to IT. Anyone else have this issue?

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Not that problem but I’ve been on Airbnb a lot today concerning an upcoming trip and the site has been glitchy all day. However the app seemed to be working smoothly when I switched to it a couple of times. Once this morning and once this evening.

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I noticed the review counts too. And also came to report glitches. My experience was similar to yours, kind of like two screens when I was trying to write a review. I ended up using the app.

Where can I find this?

Do a search for a location (any location, even ticking on “Europe” will do, but you have to a location). Dates are not necessary. I saw them on the website and the app.

Where can I find this for MY location?

Type in the name of your location when you search? I don’t understand what you’re asking I guess. I just searched for your location and I see the review count next to the ratings.