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Review before guest even checked out

A new glitch in the system.

We (and our guests) get messages rquesting to review, before they even checked out.
Our check ut time is 10:00 and, AirBnB is sending review messages at 06:00.

I just receved a review from a guest that is still in her room… :confused:

If it’s bad you should dispute it!

Was it a message that the guest reviewed you? Or a request for you to review the guest? I got a message to review a guest early yesterday morning, when the guest wasn’t due to check out until 11.

I don’t see early messages about reviewing as glitches in “The System”. I see them as automated sendings from a System that could not possible know what time a guest was due to check out, but does have a record of the day of departure.

Probably as much as half the time I get the reminder to review several hours before the guest has even checked out. I just ignore it and review when I get around to it.

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I think it is a glitch, or a stupid programmer who does not understand how it works, and removed a counter.

I the past I would get these requests the daz after the guest left, which is logical. It would be more logical to send these messages 24 hours later, like in the past.

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