Reusable messages to guests

When we were operating through Airbnb, I had several saved messages (not scheduled messages).

I assume they’re still there, but I can’t find them. Can you tell me where they are now?

We have direct guests coming in a week.

Did you check under completed reservations?

Thanks. I hadn’t checked there. Those are the messages I ended up sending to people. As each one got customized, I’d like to find the “library” of saved, uncustomized messages. Does it still exist?

What I have done in the past is type messages on a word document saved onto my desktop. When needed, I just copy and paste.


there are Quick Replies that you can set up, and they are editable before sending.


Deleting post - gave out wrong in about schedules messages.
Correct info is here:

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I don’t think you can automate replies to go out?
that’s what Scheduled Messages are for.
The quick replies are great cos you can create a whole bunch of “answers” to common questions.
I have some things like:
restaurant reccos, lunch
restaurant reccos, dinner
board games
bbq tips
fire lighting tips.

I also have a Notes set of of folders with all sorts of messages saved, often i’ll copy some nicely worded response that someone posts here, as I’m rather rubbish at writing those more formal uber polite but firm messages.

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I do use the quick replies for my welcome, check in/out messages.

You are correct. Sorry. I use the same messages for the scheduled one and mistakenly assumed I did the coding in that section. Here’s a link to how to do this.

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Gillian, where do I find those?

Click on the three bars at top left

Then see this:

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Thank you. Exactly what I needed. My old “saved” messages are there!

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there’s also an icon right next to the message box, for quick replies.