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I put myself in the guests position and I would not be happy!
My team let me know when the turnover is done so I can offer early check in if they desire it.
How do you know when the job is done?


For me it would depend- if I had had enough sleep and was feeling easy-going, and didn’t have kids in tow, or need to get settled, showered and have dinner, I might be understanding and just go sit at a nearby cafe and read my book while the place got cleaned. And it would also depend on the cleaning time required- if it was a small place that only took an hour and a half-2 hours to do a thorough job, I might be okay with that, but not if it was a 3 hour delay. And if a host didn’t at least offer to cover lunch or dinner while I was waiting, or to give some discount for the inconvenience, I’d be much less inclined to be understanding about it.

It also would depend on how long the booking was for. If I had booked for a week, a couple hours delay might not fuss me that much- if it was just a one or two night booking, I probably would just prefer to check into a hotel.


@muddy your completely missing my point, I don’t want to sidetrack this otherwise useful thread with a completely unrelated topic, but clearly that is not your focus.

Also, your declaring that it was a “fair” decision is your opinion based on not all of the facts. It’s not a “fact”.

Plus when I call the number, the message is that the mailbox had not been set up. Working on Plan B for my stay now.

@Christine_Shirtcliff I have seen a couple lately through AirBnB that will ask for a video tour and usually they start out with a line of questions about the unit that are already clearly defined in the listing. I just mostly ignore them and say something like “Thanks for your interest, please see the listing details for more information” and they tend to go away.

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I only rent on Vrbo; quality guests, VERY few cancellations if any, and when I have had an issue with guests, Vrbo ALWAYS takes the host’s side (in my instances). I tried Air and had nothing but problems w/one guest and they took her side; lesson learned.

I’d drop Booking, like others have suggested. Why bother w/a headache you don’t need?
Good luck! :slight_smile:

@Bella88 I just snoozed all of my listings on booking dot com, do you have any tips for VRBO? What kind of units do you have?

I have a single family home in Scottsdale, AZ that I rent out as a whole house. The only tip I’d have is to vet your guests WELL. I don’t allow instant booking whatsoever, I ensure a dialogue with them before allowing a booking. Helps to weed out the weirdos. It’s a beautiful house I plan to retire in, so I don’t want it getting mucked up before that time! :slight_smile:

Not sure why you addressed your previous response to me. I have never used BDC and never would. I won’t use a platform that only allows IB, which I have never used either. Like you, I want to communicate with guests before deciding whether to accept and I also want to read their reviews, which don’t exist on BDC.

I can’t use VRBO because my listing is a private room, not an entire house. It would be nice if VRBO started a homeshare category- they would get lots of us signing up with them.

Sorry Muddy, I didn’t realize I was responding directly to you. Wasn’t my intention, apologies! :slight_smile:

No problem, just thought you meant to respond to someone else.

@Bella88 Thanks, I’ll try that. I think possibly my VRBO listing is not as desirable because mine are smaller 2 bed and 1 bed homes. VRBO seems like more of a large home rental crowd. Thoughts?

Also, is anyone a “Premier Host” on VRBO?

The Host on the listing for which I am co-Host is a Premier Host.

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I’m a Premier Host. Why do you ask?

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Haven’t had enough bookings to keep premier host

@anon65824620 Thanks! That’s helpful to know. What platform/service do you use for getting direct bookings?

@Debthecat That’s the problem I’m having and I feel like it might be impossible for me to get/keep it consistently, but also readying John’s post gives me some hope.

@PitonView Just looking for insight on how to get/keep your Premier rating.

Not necessarily; mine is a 3/2 but only 1,500sf. I typically rent to couples or families, only 6 people max allowed. There are a lot of hiking trails in my area which makes it appealing. I also have a private hot tub in a super desirable tourist destination.

I’m a Premier Host. :slight_smile: It’s not easy to achieve and I try really hard to maintain it.

I don’t have any advice to give you other than to price your property lower on Vrbo than AirBnB to try to get more bookings on Vrbo.

We keep Premier status mostly because our property is perfect for Vrbo - large three-bedroom villa with four queen beds and a pool in a Caribbean vacation destination and we accept children five and up. So we get a lot of bookings from Vrbo.

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Agree with Muddy. Depends on how long the booking is for and what other commitments I had the day I booked in etc. If I was meeting friends for drinks at 6 for example, and needed to settle in and relaxing bath/shower etc, and it was only a two night stay, I would feel hard done by. But I have turned up at big hotels where the room was not ready and I booked months before! I was offered some free drink and snacks, a gift of a bottle of wine and fruit & biscuit basket and I was ok with that.( Partly because in a hotel you can go sit in a comfortable lounge anyway.)