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Restrictions on guests who can stay?

Hello all,

I’m just getting my space set up and ready to list this weekend. I should have it up by Monday at the latest. One item that I have thought about is restricting the guests to no single men. I have 6 daughters (age 11 - 20) that live here, and the space I am renting will have to be access through the main living area. I know that’s just being a little paranoid, but I’d just rather make sure that I only have couples or single women stay… Or should I just not worry about it?

I’m not a big fan of stereotyping people. I’d say don’t make restrictions in advance. Don’t use instant book (obviously) and asking those who inquire a few questions. I wouldn’t leave children alone in the house with anyone of any age, sex or marital status. As long as they aren’t home alone with a single guy there shouldn’t be any issues. If you are concerned about security you might consider cameras on the exterior of your home. Disclose them in your listing and that should serve as a deterrent to anyone with ill intent. FYI, I’m a single older woman living a lone and I’ve had dozens of men traveling solo book with me. Welcome to the forum there is a wealth of knowledge and support to be had here.

It’s your house. You choose who stays. Do what makes you feel comfortable. As said above, I would always have an adult present when the guests and kids are home at the same time. You don’t really know who these people are, so be safe.

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What sort of setup do you have?

It’s your rental so you can dictate the terms. You could specify in your listing ‘no single men’.

But really, why?

I don’t think you are being paranoid at all. Single older woman here, have had many single men stay, no problems, well, ok…one was a guest who was problem and I had to make him leave at 11pm. So yeah, sexually inappropriate guests DO happen. I was a rather overprotective parent, I would simply not have done ABB with young children. And if for some reason I did sign up, I would definitely say no single men, yes, it’s stereotyping, but there are personal reasons for my feelings. I just would not subject my daughters to it. While most male guests are respectful and kind and most certainly trustworthy, some are idiots and may walk out into common areas with just their tighty whiteys, or things that they think are perfectly acceptable, that just are not. Then again, you may get some single women displaying the same type of behavior, cause idiocy isn’t gender based! I would however, think most men, upon learning there are 6 daughters in the home would for the sake of sanity and discretion, book elsewhere.


It’s a complete MIL apartment. It’s a studio loft with a full bath and kitchen. Unfortunately, there is no separate outside entrance at the moment. I want to install one, but it will be a year at least till I can get one installed. (spiral staircase off the deck).

I do plan on being present whenever guests are, but there’s always that time you need to run to the store or whatever. I’m not trying to sterotype anyone or anything, I just want to be cautious. I guess I need to have a better discussion with my wife about it and see how she feels.

LOL. I question my sanity every single day… I live with 7 women… And for a few years, we had my Mom up in this apartment making it 8. My Mom had dementia and lived with us till she passed away last year. I’ve been trying to figure out what to do with the space, finally decided to try AinBNB.

Speaking of cameras, I do have a couple. One covers the front walkway, one covers the top of the stairs outside the loft. It can’t see inside, just the top of the stairs and the door. I mention “All access to the house and loft are monitored by video camera for your security and ours.”. Do you think that is sufficient?

Yes. But some people don’t read everything in the listing so don’t be shocked if anyone ever says anything. Maybe a picture of it/them as well. Good luck.

Oh, it’s a separate space other than entrance? I wouldn’t worry quite so much then. But I’d personally still use caution and only allow guests with multiple reviews and don’t hesitate to realize that ABB will completely back you up if you decide you’ve got an inappropriate guest staying. They were right there for me when I had to kick out the pervert (admittedly he left after I told him to and after I had my neighbor came over), but my email to ABB was answered quickly and they totally sided in my favor, I refunded his money just because I did not want to benefit from him in any way at all.)
It’s good your Mom got to stay with you, I do know how difficult that can be, dementia is one of my pet peeve diseases.

OK, it’s listed… Fingers crossed. I just had to get a few things before I could take photos. Got them taken this morning and I’m all set.

Anyone care to critique my listing? https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/13315456

I think it looks nice and very reasonable. It there a deck/balcony accessible from the double doors? Is there a view? What do you expect your busy season to be? Ski season. Good luck and remember to come ask questions here anytime! Let us know how it goes.

There is a deck, but I have to get rid of some old furniture that’s out there before I put up photos and mention it in the ad. There is a little bit of a view. I will try and include a view photo too. High season will definitely be ski season, but even in this summer, occupancy around here is between 50 and 80 percent.

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You are a married male? I for some reason assumed you were a single mom with 6 daughters. In your case (since you are the Airbnb pic) I think that will be enough to dissuade someone who would want to prey on your daughters.

Of course I am sure you will tell the daughters to not enter the loft room for any reason, under any circumstances, etc. I wouldn’t be concerned about renting to single males, as long as you aren’t giving them access to your space. I wouldn’t want any strangers feeling comfortable to hang out with my kids watching tv, etc.


I would tighten up your rules. If guests will have to pass through your living space, do you really want them doing this at all hours? If you make the rule of no coming back super late, you can always allow some leniency once you know the guest and there is some trust. This rule might help deter the demographic of single men who are looiking to have a good time from even booking.

I would also add something about only officially booked guests are allowed on your property.

Just from reading this board, I’ve gotten the impression that if you give guests an inch, they will take a mile. If you allow guests to have visitors, you could end up with who knows what kind of people traipsing across your living room at all hours.


Might as well also say no married men, no single or married women. I dont see your point, anyone can cause trouble, and a pedophile is not gender, age, or marital status specific.

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Just got the first booking… 4 nights over a local holiday here later this month. Listed less than 6 hours. I’m encouraged!


I oppose stereotyping as I said in the first response to the OP. But when one considers that about 85% of pedophiles are male (in fact over 70% of all crimes are committed by men but that’s another topic) the OP’s question was understandable.

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