Response to weird, wacky and sad - Im on the ledge

Hello my heroes,
Please talk me off a ledge or at least give me guidance on the response to this review. It’s on VRBO and I’m new to VRBO (but I am not really concerned with ratings anymore as i’m in a solid enough position on AIr, but I am so sucker punched by this review and I have an issue just standing down. You just never know certain people. People are strange, different and sometimes bitter animals.

I was helpful to this woman, helped her carry her 'Laundry basket and at least 3 to 4 bags (for 4 days). It was ridiculous but I don’t get too fussed generally and I can be haphazard so whatever. She has a little dog and I always leave treats (telling the owner what it is as they are homemade usually. I have two little ones too so I gave her a couple small coats.

Everything seemed fine. She was visiting her children and grandchildren and seemed to be out visiting them all day, fit and active. She called me once thinking she left her purse here so I checked for it for her. Then the day before she checks out, she is kinda wandering around with her dog in the back and not out with her kids. She has one of the blankets from the bed wrapped around her and You could tell she wanted company and had been drinking. We are pretty tolerant and hey, I love wine too. I get it. So, I just chatted for a minute.

About an hour later, We were going out to pickup a late dinner and she was outside again (still walking around kinda aimlessly in the back yard with the blanket. She was drunker. I still obliged her for a minute, feeling that she probably had an issue with her daughter. She was a little staggery and said in somewhat of an oddly calm voice that her dog was missing. It was so weird. Im a dog lover so instantly I’m on it, asking her where she last saw her (in front by her car). I grabbed a flashlight thinking she would follow me but no?! She just continued to hang out in the back yard. I came back and said “your dog would probably come to you more than me!”

Then I thought of my dogs. Mine wouldn’t go far and if they went anywhere, it was to bed undercovers. So I told her to look there and she seemed to be resistant. It was apparent that this was a little bit of an attention getting bit of crazy. I asked her if I could look and help her in the bedroom. I found the dog under the bed, gnawing on the treat I gave her (bully stick). She was just being drunk and dramatic and then got crazier. She half yelled/said “why would you give my dog a treat she would go and hide to enjoy?” and of course I immediately thought it was a joke. Nope. I replied " What? I was the one that found your own dog under the bed?’ She sadly sat down on the couch and I only realize now that some of the reason for her weirdness is that she doesn’t know her own dog and/or was scared of it.

Because that has to be the weirdest question i have ever heard.

It was just a bizarre, sad experience that I wanted to end and was grateful she would be leaving the next day.

“Do you need anything while we are out?” …Thinking a quick convenience store stop.
praying she will say no. She said to get for her what we were getting.
Well, we put in our order over an hour and a half ago. It’s a busy place and they don’t add on orders after the time. Yes, I regret that question now. I tried to explain it to her. She wasn’t getting it. I told her I would try and get her a samosa or something ready. She became a little off/ a little dramatic about the fact that she didn’t want to share and that she “wanted her own” and said she would e transfer me whatever it was.

Hubs is urging for us to get going. My mind is exploding and I feel sad for this woman but so freaking irritated. I have so many I SHOULD HAVE’s on playback, I tell you.
So, Hubs calls restaurant on way. They can’t do. So, there is another Indian place on the way home from this one. Yes, I stopped and got her a butter chicken from an entirely different restaurant. We get back and I knock on the door repeatedly.
I text her that she should come up and get it. or take it for the morning.
She texts me the next morning at 630 to tell me that she would love it for lunch and she is on her way. I don’t get up untl 10 so…good riddance and all that.
She left all her garbage piled up and her box of wine behind but the place was still clean. I don’t mind that.

But I am on the fence about the response to the review. I REALLY REALLY WANT to decimate her . She gave us a 2 star. TWO STARS.

SHE SAID: somewhat disappointed
The property/owner was friendly and helpful! There were a few things that made the stay challenging. The microwave is on top of the fridge, way above my head! The driveway is very difficult to get past vehicles carrying luggage/groceries in and out! The bed was comfortable and the place was clean!


Yay to stating all of the issues, albeit likely to cause embarrassment or be the bigger person and let it roll off. But to be such a self-pitying, entitled asshole just blows my mind. I would think the more embarrassment you cause yourself or the more help you receive, you treat someone accordingly. Can’t stand humanity at times like this.
Hubs is water off a ducks back…says to do the same.

I can’t help it.

Please help me craft my response or tell me to give my head a shake and not fuss with messy people.

Move on. Any seriously scathing response will make you look bad, given her sort of neutral review.

You could go for a “if you’d mentioned it at the time…” reply, and suggest she was a “challenging” guest.

There’s a lot of them out there, such a pity you encountered one.



Yes, she was inconsiderate especially when you went above and beyond to make her happy. As for the review, I would ignore it. I know it’s hard to do but it best not to reply.

I would also move the microwave to the counter and park the cars behind each other instead of side by side.

She’s a drunk and you can’t reason with a drunk, so let it go. Hopefully the next guest will be wonderful to make up for this nut job.


Kudos to you for caring and being nice.
But please don’t get so involved with your guests drama again. Its bound to backfire.
I’m with the just let it go opinion.


Let it go. This woman is either an alcoholic, has a mental illness, is in the first stages of dementia or something.

You already know the dilemma as you stated

As for the response, I only advocate responding to factually incorrect reviews. The two stars is a gut punch but the written part isn’t too bad. It makes her look off.


Ok. Thanks. This is what I needed to hear. I had it all written up and was wating to hit send until after I read some opinions.
I told Husband tthat I would go with the majority vote here so he wiil be glad to be right (for once. lol).


I am going to use the “argue only against reviews not factual” as my yardstick from now on and this will help! Thanks. I don’t know what I would do without you all during these times that reduce me to feeling like the green, sensitive host I once was, when you take things so personally! hah! :slight_smile:


Your post will be my husband’s Easter present as this is almost verbatim what he said. LOL!

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Believe me I’d be tempted to reply with a laundry list of all the crap she pulled, or at least a snide comeback like “you need a doctor, not an airbnb stay” but I really think she can’t help it. Who knows, maybe by being helpful you avoided a truly scathing review.

Happy Easter to you and yours.


Yes the being nice to guests backfired on me a few years ago. I learned a huge lesson that day!

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Ok, one more question…I can’t get the fact that she essentially harrassed me into stopping at a different restaurant and picking her up something separate AND paying for it without so much as a thank you…Is it really petty to request the $20 for her meal? I have a suspicion that she doesn’t remember it and its obviously not the $20 but I feel doubly effed over. And I know she didn’t get it but hey, whatever…not my problem you were too wasted and passed out. She said in the text to me “yeah, I go to bed early”…WTF woman…Only 20 mins before you were almost yelling at me to get you food.

I won’t even mention the fact that for some reason, she used white towels to clean muddy paws…Not the dishtowels or paper towel, I will just use a superbright white towel!

I would reply:

Bless your heart dear


I have to remember that I meet soooo many great people doing this but the bad apples really as KKC put it “gutpunch” you . I actually gasped when I saw those 2 stars. I can’t believe that I am still surprised by people! And its strange that the neediest, most entitled guests that you bend over for are the ones who have the nerve to pull crap like this. I only have 3 reviews on there that are 4 and 5 stars so now its down to a 3.9 or something.
It will niggle in my brain on and off all day. But I will listen for and remember the sage advice here to override it! lol

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She didn’t harass you into stopping to get her some food. You stated in your initial post that YOU asked her if she wanted anything.

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Let it go! If you ask for the $20 she will send you nasty messages. Just be glad she’s gone and you will never see her again. I hope you clicked on “wont host again” and gave her a one star review.

Also, it’s probably best not to share your home made doggie treats. God forbid her dog had died, she would have said you poisoned her dog. Best to keep those treats for the enjoyment of your doggie.

I suggest you pour yourself a glass of wine, put on Taylor Swift’s song “Shake it off” and shake it off : ) She’s gone!


Only if you must:
“We appreciate the positive comments, and we’re sorry this guest felt some disappointment. We strive to be 5-star hosts (see our other reviews), and always encourage guests to bring any concerns to our attention immediately so we can address them. Safe travels.”

I’d skip it, her comment reads as petty.

I hope you nailed her in your review, with a thumbs down.


“Bless her little pea pickin heart - she’s not invited back at anytime.”


Others have already said what I think but responding anyway.

Some tough love here: You have to take responsibility for your own actions. It seems that you know this since you said “I foolishly asked…” I’m not victim blaming, I’m just saying you allowed her to continue. Hindsight and all that but whatever you were hoping and thinking a drunk would say or do in response to YOUR OFFER is irrelevant. What you should have said is, “You misunderstood me. We aren’t willing to ______.” Have a good evening."

If it will help you move on then go ahead and dump all your complaints about her into the response to the review…against all advice here.


Sorry about the 2 *s, but as far as the written review, there’s nothing terrible in it and some positives. If you leave a response, I’d only make it clear that the microwave is quite accessible and you aren’t sure what she’s talking about.

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True. I didn’t actually mean dinner as I assumed she would have eaten already, it being about 830. I meant something from a convenience store, something to sober her up, chips or a corn dog or a drink. But I do admit that at the time, she may have thought that.

So, when she said “get me what you are getting”, i then explained that this particular restaurant doesn’t do “add ons”. Its just their policy. She got kinda hufffy and made some noises. I said “is there something I can get you from a store?” and she then said
“no I want my own meal whatever you can from there”. She sounded like a wounded child and my adrenaline was just nuts about the dog incident already…
Thats why I said I regret a 100 times over asking her if she needed anything!

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