Reservation Period with "Flexible" Check-in time

Good. So are mine.
But this is different.
Now go get a reservation for New Years in NOLA


Good luck getting your money. Sounds like terrible guests and scam artists.

But, change your start Check in “START” Time to a time of day, like 3:00pm. You can keep your check-in “END” time to Flexible. This sounds like what you want. Do you have both as flexible currently?

Nola, if you have flexible checkin enabled and you didn’t give your guest flexible checkin, I’m afraid you are on the losing end of this. Reasonable doesn’t matter here because you didn’t provide what you said you were going to provide.

And of course this is a lesson in why you should not allow flexible anything.


Sorry I don’t mean to lessen you annoyance but email all guests before they arrive asking expected arrival time. Unless they say something like “my plane from Singapore won’t arrive until 7pm” then assume they will arrive at the earliest possible time.

Since the guest said “ideally” at 9 AM when they booked, you should not have taken the last-minute guests the night before. You got bitten on this.

I agree with the others. NEVER have “flexible” as the check-in start time. If I were a scammer-type guest, I would interpret that as 12:01 AM and get a free night out of it. Your instant-book guests took advantage of you. What hotel allows you to check in at 9 AM? If you show up, they’ll hold your luggage and maybe let you check in at about noon if a room is ready.

I have my check-in time as 4 PM and end check-in time as “flexible”. I say in the house rules I may be able to accommodate an earlier check-in time, but they have to request it and I have to agree to it.

Exactly. Air BnB is not a good platform to be flexible on.

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