Reservation on behalf someone else

I did not find any particular rule or term regarding that, but would like to know, whether guest is actually allowed to made reservation for someone else. I mean Martina book my room but she sent me message she doing that for her sister/brother/whoever. Can guest do that?
Is it not against airbnb policy?
Or in case there is nothing specific about such situation, do I have to right refuse such reservation?
Thanks for help.

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Yes, it’s against Airbnb policy. It happened to me a couple of times, wife reserving for husband or daughter reserving for older parents, but in general it’s better whoever makes the reservation to be the actual guest.

Yes, second-hand bookings are against Airbnb policy, and can put you in some very difficult situations.

Thanks for quick answer. May I ask where is such policy rule stated? In which section?

I would have to research that. You could probably go to the “help” section and type in second-hand bookings and get Airbnb’s policy on it that way.

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Checking Terms right now, but cannot find any, neither with keyword “behalf”. Not even under section 8, which is most likely the one where it should be stated.

Just checked - go to the “help” section and enter “second party bookings.” about 4-5 lines down you will see “Can I book on behalf of a friend or family member?” question. That answer should give you the information you are looking for.

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Thanks all, problem solved. Any way to close this discussion for further comments or mark it as “resolved”?

I can close it as a moderator. As a user, no.