Reservation alteration request

I thought a reservation alteration request to extend a booking was cheaper. It turns out Airbnb don’t include the weekly discount so it’s more expensive. Does this make sense?

My understanding is that these altercations and “speciel offers” override the current settings, so therefore you need to factor those in yourself.

I can be wrong because its been forever since I had to do it myself.

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My guest just found it was more expensive, and cheaper to do a new booking.
As a side grumble having found it cheaper she asked for the £5 cleaning fee to be waived, at the same time wanting to do a load of laundry. I expressed concern she might have doubts about my 5 stars for value, and I have never seen anyone backpedal so fast.

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Lesson here – weekly discounts can cost YOU money, and don’t really gain you anything.


It might be useful if you like a booking for a week, it definitely doesn’t help me with someone wishing to stay longer. Similarly I reduced a night after her initial stay to encourage someone else to book, but that didn’t help either.

I just found that out as well. I had a guest book for 13 days and want to change it to 14 days, and it was trying to charge her like $250 when my nightly rate (for that particular week) was $90. It took 2 phone calls to customer service, but I finally got the answer that when you do an alteration, it removes all discounts. I had to go in and do the change request myself and manually put in the new total charge. Pretty stupid that they can’t figure out how to fix that. It’s not like I was giving them a special coupon for the initial reservation… it was the weekly discount that Air sets up to automatically calculate when someone books longer than 7 days.

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I will recommend people do use a reservation alteration request in future but will not say it’s cheaper! My place is too cheap anyway. I really want better rates.