Requiring that Guests be Vaccinated

I got an answer from Airbnb about requiring that guests be vaccinated and at check in showing proof.

I hope that shows it. If not, they said yes and to also put it up on your listing.
Yay, I can open in peace Labor Day weekend. Granted that people can lie and that there are also those fake cards of vaccination circulating out there.


I don’t know how it works in your state, but my state uses the US Public Health Service vaccination record form (I have another one with all my travel vaccinations like yellow fever recorded on it). In Alaska, they put a printed label with the mfr, dose date, and vaccine tracking number on your vaccination record card, and told us to NOT laminate it in case there are boosters, when they would just add that label to the card.


In the UK guests can’t lie as we have our vaccination record showing on the NHS app, so guests would just need to show this to you on check in. @Mfl62

If you are going to require proof, then enforce it by asking to see their vaccination record or don’t bother.

Good to know. However, I live in a 5 college area so fake IDs for drinking are rampant. The fake vaccination records are already in production according to our news. Students are using them to buck the mandatory vaccinations at most higher education institutes in the area. The card that I got to show my vaccinations is one that even I could probably reproduce. So I’m largely going on the honor system and avoiding guests when in doubt. Fortunately we have many repeat guests whom we trust. We will probably close for the winter months when outside interaction is challenging.

Nice, thanks for sharing. I’ve just put it in my house rules. And then we’ll see.