Requesting booking for colleague

Hi I have a request for a reduced discount for a persons VP of their company. The discount part is easy but how do you handle someone wanting to book the place for a colleague. Isn’t there a rule that the person staying must be the person booking? Rule or not, I want to know exactly who with a picture. I’m thinking to request that the person becone an air member and do the booking u see their own name. Has anyone booked for a companiy’s employee? Advice?

You can request the individual traveling sign up under their name, or if this person is responsible for booking for this person and will do so in the future, you can refer them to Airbnb and a corporate account. I had this happen once and Airbnb walked them through signing up for a corporate account and then booked for the guests. Airbnb for Work

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I’ve quite often had people trying to book for third parties and always tell the person that the guest who is actually staying will need to book with their own account. I think that in every case, this has always happened.

If the account is a corporate one though, the account admin can book for company personnel.

Third party bookings (for a colleague, a family member, a neighbor etc.) is against the TOS. As mentioned, there is a corporate account which is different than someone just trying to book for their company VP.

I would tell the person that A. You are not the Marriott and do not give discounts. B. They cannot book for their VP; either s/he books under his/er own account or they set up a corporate account.

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The only time I had a “corporate” style booking was an utter waste of my time. The first enquiry constituted a third party booking. When I asked for the booking to be made on the guest’s own account, their PA simply had access to her account and used it instead. The guests were travelling in Africa at the time and the PA did not consult with them about where she was booking them into, house rules, not an entire place etc. After acting as their Travel Information Bureau from 10 am (ten messages for directions/timings from Schipol/Amsterdam airport to Dover, including ferry times) they arrived early with two children, used the loo and left to “eat”. They cancelled five minutes later, claiming a cat allergy. Never again. To give them their due, Airbnb did not support their claim for a refund.

Thank you all very much. I didn’t even know about the corporate account. This forum continues to be an absolutely reliable resource.

Yes, this is absolutely the biggest problem about third party bookings: Guests who don’t know what they are getting into. We recently canceled a booking by a son for his father, after the son said we should call the father to get all the required information (time of arrival, dietary restrictions, etc.).