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Request to book for 2 months

I don’t accept pets and haven’t ever made a claim under the Host Guarantee, but I did see this on their website (https://www.airbnb.com/guarantee):

What’s not protected?

  • Personal injury and property damage claims from third parties (those are protected by our Host Protection Insurance)
  • Damage to shared or common areas of the building that aren’t part of the listing itself
  • Cash and securities
  • Damage caused by a pet
  • Damage from ordinary wear and tear

Certain items, including but not limited to: artwork; antiques items, including furniture and jewelry; valuable rugs, collectibles; and other items may have more limited protections under the Host Guarantee.

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Most eloquent, Sir! I’m saving this lovely prose for future use!

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You need to check your local and state tenant laws. In some states if a guest rents for over 30 days they become tenants and it can be hard to get rid of them, especially with Covid 19 laws changing everything. You may need the money, but my advice is to tell them you’re just not comfortable having a pet in your rental for two months, and decline.

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Thanks to reading your topic I avoided a scam…
A guest also requested to book my Studio for two weeks in April 2021 asking if they could bring their dog along…
I informed AirBnB immediately for this scam.
Thanks for posting and wish you well.

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