Request for 'Karen' Guest Review Suggestions - Deadline today!

UPDATE (7/17/2021): I waited until there were only 17 seconds left to review Karen, then smashed that submit button! She didn’t leave a review, or at least did not review in time. Thanks to all the Airhosts on this forum for their helpful responses and strategic thinking. You guys really had my back!

Here’s my review of Karen (declined to host again & one star rating across the board):
“Would never host Karen again. She demanded money for claiming to see a common tropical flying insect on the ceiling.”

Short, sweet and to the point! Thanks everyone!

Request for Review Suggestions - Deadline today: Help, it’s almost the review deadline! BTW, this is in relation to my previous post titled “Guest complained & now wants money for a good review”

She has not responded again and has not left a review. This afternoon is the deadline for a review and I’m panicking! I want to warn other hosts and be concise and matter-of-fact, but how to phrase is a total mental block! Help! Maybe like the following?

“Karen was offered a very generous renumeration for the small inconvenience of seeing a harmless insect on the morning of checkout (insect is common to this tropical island location). Her response included a demand that forced me to rescind my offer and immediately forward her message along with this response that I will not pay a guest $200 ‘and then some’ in exchange for a positive review. Unfortunately I cannot recommend this guest and will have to decline any request to book with us in the future.”

Please see my previous post (referenced above) for a summation and context.

I wonder if you’re giving out too much information. I think it’s best not to provide dollar amounts. Maybe you can simply state that “she was uncomfortable with insects although she booked a stay in a tropical area then tried to get a full refund.”


Karen saw one bug – this is tropical area, our listing discloses insects, lizards, etc. – the night before checkout and wanted the stay refunded in exchange for not leaving a “bad” review . Not recommended.

Although isn’t there something about not referring to matters being reviewed by Airbnb Resolution?


How about
“I do not recommend this guest. She requested a 2 night refund because a Palmetto bug (common tropical insect) had flown into her room and rested on the ceiling. She stopped communicating with me as I tried to be of assistance.

She did leave the rental clean & in good shape. “


I like Ann’s except I would not leave the positive part.

I would not host Karen again, she requested a refund because she saw a single insect on the ceiling.

Sometimes less is better

That’s all I need to know about that guest.

1’s across the board and check the would not host again button.

Get it written, save as draft and send as late as you can.

Thanks for warning us about her



How about this "I do not recommend Karen. This guest complained the morning of checkout that she saw a bug. My response was an offer of a generous discount for her stay. She immediately replied demanding twice the amount of money ‘and then some’ in exchange for a good review from her. Unfortunately we will have to decline any future request from Karen to book with us.”


On the morning of checkout Karen demanded a sizable refund because she had seen a bug. Unfortunately I cannot recommend Karen and will have to decline any future request from Karen to book with us.

(I think if you say the part about the review, the whole thing will be pulled. )


Keep it simple. You are over-thinking it:
Would Never Host Again. Guest was very rude, entitled and demanding.


Yes, thank you! My fear is having my review (warning other hosts!) removed by a CS rep. Your suggestion is concise, unemotional, factual…yet intriguingly vague enough to nudge the reader to use his or her imagination to fill in the details.

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Nailed it! I am over-thinking it. Thank you for the suggested review verbage.

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Moving forward, and since you are in a tropical location, it might be a good idea to plan what you’ll do in future if this happens again.

I wouldn’t mention (or have offered) any sort of refund in the first place.

I’ve written this here before but my way of dealing with a guest who saw a huge palmetto bug (she knocked on my door to show me a photograph she’d taken of it) was to exclaim “Ah, a palmetto bug! I haven’t seen one for ages. Thank you so much for showing me the photograph. Goodnight!”

I’m certain that she was about to complain so I was pleased that I’d defused her wrath. :slight_smile:

By the way, I’ve found that bugs get in when the guest has left the door open. I warn guests not to leave the doors and windows open.


100% correct.

I notified the listing admin and his (likely rushed) response was to just comp one of the two days. I thought that was too excessive so I suggested the lower amount of $100, and he agreed. Still excessive as I now reflect on it, but at that point I did not know it wasn’t a roach and I felt pressured to make the ‘problem’ go away before she checked out.

And then the not-so-subtle extortion was laid bare - incessant demands for $200 ‘and then some’ followed by a demand for ‘at least’ $135, followed with yet another message asking ‘when can I expect the money in my account?’ ugh…

I would not go with @Jefferson s review. I think it is important to tell hosts that she saw a single insect and demanded money. Name calling is not helpful, I want to know what she did.



I am going with mica555’s suggestion:

On the morning of checkout Karen demanded a sizable refund because she had seen a bug. Unfortunately I cannot recommend Karen and will have to decline any future request from Karen to book with us.


Think @mica555 has a good suggestion, short, to the point and without wading into the weeds.

Agree. Plus while it may be true, calling a guest “entitled” or “demanding”, as if that is a factual description of them, in a review, could get the review removed. If a host feels that needs to be conveyed, use “I” or “we” statements. “I experienced this guest as extremely demanding.”

That’s playing Airbnb’s “It’s a reflection of the guest’s experience” game right back at them, when hosts complain about reviews that are full of lies.


My current guests texted me about an hour after check in they had found 2 palmetto bugs, trapped & flushed them.

My response “Palmettos sneak in especially since you are on ground floor. The condo is bug treated barrier spray but it takes a while for it to kill them plus the older ones fly…
You must have palmetto experience because you know not to smush them (messy)
Let me know if you need anything”

No horror. No “I’m sorry”.


Yeah np. With a guest like this we always start with either “would not host again” or “would never host again”. Then a few particulars. 1 star across the board and NO for “would you host again”.
You implied that “her response to your generous offer was egregious” - as you totally pulled your offer off the table. You seem pretty level headed so we may assume she was Rude / Insulting. Ergo the “would never host again” and Very Rude, etc.
Remember “people don’t read”. Most future hosts will simply see “Would Never Host Again” and 1 stars and RUN the other way. That is fair and justice for anyone who tries to pull that crap.
I would not mention the “she saw a bug then tried to get refund”, etc. That might be construed as review extortion by some idiot in a call center and can get removed. Never give some undertrained call center idiot any ammo". If you keep it very simple there is nothing for them to interpret as “not relevant” or against review guidelines. Short and simple is perfect.
Whatever you do - have it written up so you can PASTE it a few min before the deadline. Don’t cut it too close or you might risk missing out on blasting that nasty lady, as there will be several questions.

@Jefferson has a good point. MITF (most important things first). “Would never host this person again. Demanded money for seeing a common tropical flying insect inside.”