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Representative Airbnb you book instead of the host

Hy!! I have to book a apartment for a long time but the host it is not i his country and they says thet will com some represantativ from Airbnb to rent me his app.It is this ok???

I have difficulty understanding you exactly but no, it doesn’t sound OK at all. It sounds like a scam.

NO. NO. NO. You never ever go outside the Air system when booking.

This is the message whot i recive from this man

After I will make the papers they will require for your payment confirmation of the first month and the guarantee deposit) to the company .Airbnb will send you a delivery notification to let you know they have the Keys and the papers in their custody .
Also Airbnb will give you further instructions about the money deposit

Airbnb do NOT handle the keys.

ABB did do a ‘test’ in SF where then did key exchanges, etc. I doubt they still are doing this.

However, this is not the case in the OPs situation.

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ok thanks a lot
wants to screw me


I have seen this exact scam on Facebook by someone who lost thousands of dollars.

Get in contact with AirBnB to get this fraudster blocked.

i call the police to arrest him

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