Reports cards are

Bahahha! What a joke!

I just received my email that I am once again a Superhost. So because I received more bookings through Air this past semester - now I am good enough to be reinstated (Eye roll)

Anyone else have their status change? Promotions/Demotions?

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I didn’t get an email so maybe I’m demoted.

Or, they are still waiting to see if a review will arrive. Do you have any September stays that have not yet written their review?

I have one guest who booked end of Sept. through beginning of October. He has not left me a review and still has time to do so.

No, they are all in. Must be demotion!

Haha…I’m sure it’s not. You will get a demotion email if that is the case.

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Well, the badge is still there on the listing…

Ha! And I’m one of those people who says ‘I don’t care about being a Super Host’. :blush:


I believe from an assessment point of view that that will be an October review.

Hmm…Not sure. But I looked at my stats and I just made the 10 bookings cut off mark. I have exactly 10 completed bookings. The last Air reservation left several days ago and left me a review yesterday…so Air included him in my calculations.

I got my notice. SH for 9 straight quarters.


Ive heard nothing, but I’ve been a superhost for the last three quarters and never received any notification before either.

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Started hosting July 8th. Got Super Host just now. We’ll see what that ends up meaning, if anything.


As usual, I got nuttin.’


kona – you “got sunlight on the sand, you got moonlight on the sea, you got mangos and bananas you can pick right off a tree…”



We didn’t get an email either, but the badge is there. Let’s see if it makes a difference one way or another.

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I got a $100 travel credit for being a Superhost for 4 quarters. Now I have a total of $200 in travel credits ($100 was for a guest showing up high to check-in). Looking forward to using them.

I got the $100 reward. Where to go? Where to go?

Me too:)…20 months, 4.8 out 5 score and no superhost:slight_smile::slight_smile:

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Well, super-host it is. Let’s see if something happens then…! I have just " boasted" on Facebook, something I never do, but it is business as usual and I’m newish, so must let people know we exist.I don’t think I have got a medal since primary school, though :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:!