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Reporting a user


Can anyone tell me if I report a user for moving outside airbnb would he be notified of who reported him?


Not to my knowledge @myrkats . I’ve reported a couple of guests and they didn’t get in touch with me.


No, of course not!
That would defeat the purpose.
i report cheeky users all the time…


User as in guest of your Airb, or member of the forum? I can’t work out who I would refer to as a user in my Airb universe


My bet is that she’s referring to a fellow host she’s aware of who is taking transactions off the system. (At first, I thought she meant user, as in drug user, but that wouldn’t fit.)

In any case, I don’t know the answer but I would expect not - that Air would not divulge who reported the user.


Of course not…they won’t even divulge the name of our guests half the time. (I posted on another thread about not always having the last name of the guest. )


True, Air would not likely divulge anything in print. I’m thinking, with all the complaints about varying responses from CS peeps (via phone), it is not outside the realm of possibility that one of them could reveal enough about the person who registered the complaint so the (ab)user would know who it was…in other words, human error.

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