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Yeah I lived in Melbourne for 7 years before returning to the UK. It gets down to about 3c minimum during winter. But summer can reach 40c+

It can also be 40c+ one minute then drop to like 15c in the space of 30 minutes when the cool change hits. It’s nuts.


Suze!! Hahaha, I am certain I have hosted versions of these guests here in Hawaii…especially the long showers and the post midnight ones (have had to add a rule about this!) but seriously some people are rude and clueless and just should not travel. Please… Guests like this… Just stay home!!! Makes you think twice about hosting!

Perhaps the first half of this story could have been avoided if you had been firm about no early check in!? Especially since you still had guests.

A great example of how hosts go out of their way for guests and get trampled on anyway.

I bet you were counting down those days like sands of the hourglass. Sheeeze! I think you should pour another and then another once you leave the review. And I would not hold back either!

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Thanks @Maggieroni! No, these guests didn’t have any previous reviews but most of my guests don’t, I spend a lot of time with crossed fingers! The experience was exhausting and I was so glad I’d blocked off my calendar for a few days after them before the next (and last) guests for that room arrived. My current guests have COMPLETELY reinstated my love of hosting, they are gorgeous :blush:


I know, K! The only guests who never bothered leaving a review (3 or 4 couples) are the ones I ABSOLUTELY BENT OVER BACKWARDS for. I definitely had a moment of weakness when I said this couple could come back early, damn that mothering instinct!

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That is typical! When I think of all the special favors I did for guests who either didn’t appreciate me, say thanks, or left no review, or worse, gave me a smack, that is when I truly became the jaded host (behind the scenes) that I am today. :smile: please DO share your review of this nonsense with us, as we are needing some more laughs… And then consider joining our NO BAD GUESTS private thread, where we have consoled each other by sharing their names and profiles. :slight_smile: and take some small comfort in the small chance that should they dare book with one of us, we got the number on these bad bad guests, and can hit the decline button so fast it will make their bad guest heads spin!!! :smile:

PS… PM me to join!

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Oh! I thought the NO BAD GUESTS thread was just urban legend…I’ll PM you, thanks for the invite :relieved:

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I haven’t had any bad guests or any silly questions so I hadn’t read all this thread. OMG, it’s hilarious. It’s like David Sedaris writing about Airbnb.


todays inquiry was for a “winter getaway” for 45 nights beginning in mid Feb and staying through the end of March ( our wedding season begins in March and gets great rates). The Pricing on our chart comes out to $20,900 for the 45 nights…of course January is deeply discounted, if they would like to book January. They would like to know if we can accommodate the two of them and their dog for the 45 nights of Feb to March. I would be thrilled to accept the $24,000 and would even negotiate a discount and accept the doggie.


The only hair type I’d give a discount for is bald. We just had a bald guest. The cleaning went so much faster than usual.


No hair in the drains lol

My very first guests stayed for three weeks (I was a rookie and accepted them), and the husband had to leave two different nights on business. The wife checked into a hotel because she didn’t feel safe being in my house alone (with myself, a martial artist, and my husband). I was thinking our house is probably SAFER than a hotel, considering how often hotels double-book rooms and have strangers walk in on each other!


Thank you for indulging me. I’m sorry to say I know the shower on-and-off routine, stomping around, door slamming. Clearly hotel people.

What a horrible nightmare. I’m so glad you are rid of those awful people.


How about

Safe as today’s banks and peoples super.

OK, that’s cra-cra - safer in a hotel than in your home?!

“Safe” is a relative term…Safe compared to what? I always shake my head and say well nowhere is really safe in the USA anymore since there’s been mass shootings in movie theaters, high schools, malls, coffee shops, etc…and no one seems very interested in enforcing gun control legislation… Oh no am i replying to an old post again…

I’m with you on this one. When people ask me if my house is safe, I point out that safety is in the eye of the beholder. If you live in Aleppo, you will probably think my house is safe. If you live in Tokyo, you probably won’t.

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Where was that?
When I go to the bakery, I lock my bicycle even though it is in plan view while I’m in the store.


I had an inquiry he told me she was terrified of snakes. We see one a year, I told him, but that was too many, he couldn’t bear to put her through that.
another inquiry “is the road treacherous?” ( steep, curvy, paved) “if it has 2 lanes or a guard rail, I’ll be ok” well noooo…<><>

People look at me blankly when I show them the combination lock they can use, ( if they feel the need) .

Please leave an honest review , that means nothing to me.


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Or me. A plea to hosts - please explain why guests are more suited to a hotel. I never get it.

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