Repeating guest refuses 5 star review

I have a repeating guest that usually stays with me for about 4 days a month. She is great except for the fact that it seems like she refuses to give me 5 stars across the board. The first review she gave me 5 for everything except 4 for cleanliness and commented on the bathroom rug – Fair (it is white so it revealed everything). Easy fix, so I purchase a new one. Next review she gives 5 for everything except 4 for location – why? You gave 5 previously! Next review she gave 5 for everything except 4 for check-in. I am just not understanding her concept here. Next time she requests a booking do I ask what I can improve to obtain a 5 star rating or leave it? I am hesitant to keep accepting her as a guest when she refuses to leave 5 stars for no real reason.

Are you getting 5 stars overall and she just deducts in a category? If so don’t worry about it. If it were me though I’d tell her, I’m sorry but I need 5 star reviews and then block her from staying with me again. But if you need the money and she’s a overall good repeat guest, suck it up I suppose. With over 400 reviews I don’t need people like her.


It is just the categories… is this weighted differently?

Personally I think that a lot of hosts get much too het up about reviews and star ratings. But that’s just me. Haven’t you asked the guest? That seems the obvious thing.


Yes, it’s only the “Overall” score that matters for SuperHost and your overall standing on Airbnb. The individual categories only matter as they display stars in the review section of your listing - a few hits here and there won’t drop you to 4-4.5 stars.
If her lower marks are in the subcategories, and she’s switching up where she dings you, the money may be better than refusing her next stay.

If I found her regular income worth the hassle, the next time she requests to book I might say something like “In prior stays I’ve had a hard time earning 5-stars from you. Airbnb sees anything less than 5 as failure, so could you let me know what I would need to change in my offering to achieve full marks?” Depending on her answer I’d accept or block her.

Almost all my guests give 5-stars across the board, so there’s not much incentive to re-host someone who wasn’t totally happy with their prior stay.


If you have enough reviews to keep your superhost stats I would ask her to skip the reviews.

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It’s a friendly discussion. You love having her, but was curious as to the lower marks, but as others have pointed out, it’s only the total score that matters.

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Perhaps you want to educate her on the new 4.8 average that Airbnb is vying for and ask her, what you can change to be at least average … .

Or leave her a copy of the interview from the big boss Brian Chesky about the star rating, where he mentions that: So a five star experience is you knock on the door, they open the door, they let you in. Great. That’s not a big deal. You’re not going tell every friend about it. You might say, “I used Airbnb. It worked.”

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I personally would block her.

And i would have her book direct!


Don’t understand why you haven’t asked her the things you asked in your original post. We can’t help; but she can. Pick a “nice” moment; don’t be confrontational.

Just ask “I’m wondering why you never 5 stars for all categories, even when you’ve previously done so in a particular category. I love having you stay with me, but I’m just wondering what can I do to make everything right every time…”

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Probably just a simple message like, "thanks for staying with us and being a repeat customer. we are always looking for improvement to get 5 stars in all categories. 4 stars make us sad, but we know we aren’t perfect all the time. if we tripped up on any areas, welcome to let us know :slight_smile: "

Sometimes I clue my guest as to my expectations of a good rating, which seems to work, though not all the time.

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Get her to book with you directly and split the AirBnB fee. I have some regular guests like this and one is a clean freak who loves to tell me all the things she has cleaned. Guess what? I don’t care because she doesn’t get to review me!


Excellent suggestion!

I agree with Deb. I had a regular guest staying 5 nights per week for work, and simply booked her directly, by agreement, after her first stay. This saved her Air’s service fees, and I had a couple of month’s stability in the off season.

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