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Renting in my home - and I leave?

Hi Everyone!

I just would like to get your thoughts - although the deed is done…

Guests rent rooms in my home. Breakfast is part of the deal.

My family and I had plans to have a little vacation AFTER our last guest in August left, but for a number of reasons realized we need to go a bit earlier. We have a family of 4 from Spain checking in on a Sunday and staying 8 nights. We are now leaving after we serve them breakfast Friday morning. I’ll leave phone numbers for them in case there are issues. Since he got my rock-bottom price, having booked in December, I think it’s cool if I just leave them some cereal and toast. I did write in advance to let him know we were thinking of doing this - he had some good questions about how it would all work but didn’t express concern.

Since we’ll be in the home 5 nights before leaving they will have plenty of time to get comfortable with everything.

Do you think this was ok? Do I have an obligation to be home? We did this once before with some guests from Wimdu - they were totally happy with it and even left us some chocolates as a gift.

Any thoughts appreciated.

PS Used my $100 ‘super host’ voucher, so, that was cool! And found this pretty pretty place!! https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/10827852

Unless you promised to be home and serve breakfast, should not be a problem IMHO. However make sure there is someone local on standby for emergencies while you are out of town.

As you know many hosts like us do not even live at their listing.

I would think they were getting a bonus by having the place all to themselves. Given that they have 5 days to learn the ropes I can’t see any problem for them. (for you maybe if they take on the approach of “while the cats away…”)


I’m sure you’ll be just fine. From what I understand Spaniards don’t typically eat large hot breakfasts like many Americans do. We recently had a lovely guest from Spain. He had a wonderful, positive attitude and as a bonus was very handsome and never wore shirts. Dinner was his largest meal of the day and he ate it close to midnight.


essss muy buennnnnooooo! ; ) (the Spanish guy without the shirt…)

Good information about the Spanish breakfast! Funny thing is, he brought that up because so many of my reviews talk about my breakfasts (which are actually simple). He still gets 5 out of 8. And really, who wants to get up and have to be at breakfast at a designated time so many mornings in a row??

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Would love to see your listing and hear how you handle the breakfast part.

Go off and enjoy your holiday and don’t worry about your guests - they’ll have the benefits of meeting you AND having the whole house to themselves!

The article @EllenN quotes is quite right - Spaniards eat very little for breakfast (as they’ve eaten so late the night before) They’re not big on toast (I’ve never seen a toaster in a Spanish home) so if you’ve got a bakery or shop nearby they’ll probably prefer to go and buy a baguette in the morning. Round here the favourite topping is a half-tomato scraped over the top - I’ve never quite understood the appeal of this! Spanish women tend to like those probiotic yoghurts for breakfast (Activia?) so you might get some of those in.

I’m sure you’ve got a local emergency contact as @hypertokyo suggests. We now pay our friendly buider/handyman a retainer so he’ll come out on a Sunday evening when a water pipe bursts … never does that on a Tuesday morning.

Ah, a vacation … yes, I remember those … waiting till October for ours. That cottage looks really special, I’m sure you’ll have a great time!

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That’s cute EllenN! Your hubby is probably posting on another forum, “he was a great guest except he was very handsome and never wore a shirt!”.


OOh, I added that to my wishlist for our east trip in the spring!

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It’ll be a perfect respite after spending a few days in DC!

As @Malagachica said most Spaniards aren’t big breakfast eaters. Yogurt is a big thing as is baguette with tomato or possible spreadable cheese and jamon or fuet (in Barca). Also a sugary pastry will not go uneaten :slight_smile:

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super host voucher??? How does one get this? I"ve been a superhost for a year

@dcmooney got it. I’m not sure how it works

After being super host for 4 consecutive quarters I got a $100 voucher. I thought everyone did.

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I think it’s clearly stated on the site that is one of the benefits. They sent me an email with the code on July 14th for this year.

Everyone is supposed to after 4 consecutive super host quarters.

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