Renting a space without a kitchen

I’m new to Airbnb and have just listed our room. I have had 5 enquiries in the first week but no one has booked yet.
Most of the enquiries have been for long-term. I didn’t have a maximum, but may add one later.
The room is above a garage - has it’s own secure entrance and bathroom, but there is no kitchen. I’ve installed a mini-bar fridge, toaster and kettle etc so that guests can have breakfast there, but it’s really intended to be more like a hotel room. It’s clearly written in the blurb, but I do remind each guest when they send an enquiry and then they cancel. We are right in the centre in one of Sydney’s best suburbs - on the same block as an organic food market, hip bars, cafes restaurants. How do I structure my ad so that it really presents as a hotel room without separate living and kitchen? All input gratefully received…

I have a friend who offers a space without a kitchen as well. It has worked for her and she is booked as much as she wants to. As long as you let your guests know so there aren’t any surprises it’s fine.