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Be careful about them

They are calling and saying them have clients that want to book your place but you need to be listed with them for that…It’s seems by checking on the web that it’s scam

I had a call from them too. Did not risk it

They are quite sales agressive trying to convince so I think it’s good to inform others about them…

The guy had British phone number but Indian accent. Then he called me next day with Texas number, then next day Washington number.
The IRS scam also comes from India. I just did my taxes and I use Turbo tax. Then next day an Indian voice called me threatening to put me in jail if I do not pay immediately 2k to IRS. What a fun I had that day. I think I made that scammer cry at the end.


thanks for the info!!!

We had a series of calls a few years ago, where someone from India who barely spoke english would claim that they were calling from Microsoft with a “solution” to some technical computer issue that we weren’t even having. I told him, Microsoft does not have my phone number, where did you get this number? And he didn’t have an answer. But they kept calling and calling and calling, so my husband came up with this technique:

“Hi, I can’t hear you! Can you speak up? I still can’t hear you… what are you saying??? We seem to have a bad connection” He would keep repeating this until the person was shouting on the other end. Then he would say “our connection is terrible, I’m hangin up now!” and he would. They called multiple times in a row, and he would do the same thing every time… it was kinda funny and I felt a little bad for the caller until I remembered that they were trying to scam us out of hundreds of dollars. Eventually they stopped calling. It was so much more effective than just saying “I’m not interested, please take me off your call list” which just encourages them to call again.

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Oh… I have fun with these calls! They are such scammers, wasting their time is fair game in my opinion. I ask them, after their original question of are you in front of your computer, which one? That i have 37 machines, so I need to know the IP address of the one that is “calling” them in distress. This takes us down a long, and disturbing road as they try to find some place in their script where they can find the answer. Eventually, I do have to tell them that the machines are all Linux run servers… Most of the time they hang up at the 37 machines, but a few valiant scammers try to play me for longer.

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