Rental Swapping

I’m quite new to the forum. My interest is in swapping AirBnB with other hosts.
We have a listing in Fletcher, NC (just 15 minutes from Asheville) Its a one bedroom mountain top apartment. We are looking to take spring break in March and go somewhere warm. Not sure if I’m throwing this out there the right way?

Hello this is a forum for hosts to provide each other with advice and support rather than swap accommodation.

There is a dedicated Airbnb swap FB group that has that function.

Or of course there are house swap websites for people who are just interested in swapping places to stay.

No, not really. Check Craigslist for a feature like home swapping.

I only WISH Airbnb would have such cool features for us hosts. God forbid, they wouldn’t make any $ out of it.

yup. If they did that then people would be swapping personal info. Can’t see it flying.

Of course it won’t and they won’t put $1 to develop such an idea/system. But it can easily be done same way it is right now with guests where personal info is hidden.

If I’m interested in a house swap, I’d go on one of the house swap sites or the free FB Airbnb swap site.

Ok, and if it’s only on Airbnb?

That’s not the point. The point is that Airbnb simply doesn’t care for the hosts. I think that this is the bigger picture we’re talking here.

No… they are a 30 billion dollar company. They did not get that way by doing freebies for hosts like house swapping.

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It has nothing to do with freebies. It has something to do with taking care of your employees and no matter how they will turn it around - we are their employees. We are massive part of their success formula.

You’re telling me that putting $50K investment in developing such small system for their hosts is a big deal? You probably had your own business at one point and did things for free that even cost you money and didn’t expect anything in return. Same here in my eyes.

House swapping can have complicated tax implications (negative for the taxpayer) if you pay taxes in the US. Even agreeing to pay fair market value to each other when you swap is considered personal use and can have significant tax implications - again negative.

I don’t see AirBnB’s failure to get involved in that as not helping the hosts. I think staying away from promoting it was a good decision on their part.



Sorry, I don’t get your ire or your point. Don’t you realize you are preaching to the choir about Air not doing much for hosts?!

What’s this label about us (hosts) being Air’s "employees? What a strange concept.

So you are pushing for hosts to agree with you that Air putting a 50K investment toward developing your proposed system is not a big deal? Okay, fine. So what?! Your purported “business savvy” message is not getting to your intended target, Air.

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This preposterous! We are not their employees! You think we are their employees???

They are a company like any other that does what’s best for their bottom line. That means coddling guests right now. They are not going to give hosts anything more. They don’t have to court hosts anymore. They have plenty of hosts. They need more guests.

Why do they need to invest in hosts! Why do they have to spend one penny to invest in hosts, let alone 50K? They have plenty of hosts and don’t need more hosts.

Sometimes I read your posts and cannot believe the things that you say. You really do not seem to get it at all.

And oh, I was agreeing with you before you started to crack me, geeze,

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You don’t have to reply to them. This is the point where I let go since every-time I do get into it the thread get locked or people delete their posts. Thank you for the feedback though.

Of course we aren’t their employees. We have no employment contact with them and they do not pay us a wage for our services.

They are simply a listing services that puts those with accommodation in touch with those who want accommodation for a price.

How do you know it would cost $50 K to put a host swap scheme in place?

It’s not going to work to tell me or others not to reply to your posts.
To make a statement like “we are their employees” is absolutely ludicrous, and frankly it speaks for itself.

Look into - I used to be enrolled in a site called mytwinplace and they bought that, but nothing much ever came of it. Perhaps nightswapping gets more traction.