Renovation and future guests

We are closed for 1 month for renovation. But I have 2 reservations in Feb and March next year.
My plan is to let them decide if they wanted to continue with their booking (newer and better for sure) since the apartment will be different from when they booked.

What do you all think about this, or anyone can offer a better wording on the listing??
Or any advice on how to proceed with booked guests? TIA

For the booked guests, maybe message them through Airbnb to describe how it will be different. There could be advantages there for the guests. And I’d say “renovated” or “updated,” rather than “different.” Put an honest but positive spin on it. Of course if it’s going, for example, from two bedrooms down to one, certainly say that, too.

I’d email the guests and tell them honestly about the changes. If you are upgrading things, tell them about it. If you are taking things away, because they became a maintenance issue, tell them that.

We rented an Apartment for it’s location, and the fact it had a bathtub. The host emailed us and said they were having issues with the tub and replacing the tub with a standup shower. We ended up still taking that apartment, and the shower was very small and not particularly nice, but the location was great so we were happy. Had we not been warned about the tub or had been told they were remodeling the entire bathroom (they really only replaced the bath, and put the small shower in the center of the room so they wouldn’t have to move the drain, which was awkward) we would have been disappointed, and the review would have reflected that.

I know we all have the tendency to over sell, but under selling results in exceeding expectations, and that leads to better reviews.


“Hi; Just wanted to let you know that in (November) we’re renovating out rental space and making these improvements ……”


Don’t email them. Be sure to keep your communication regarding your renovations on the platform. Be sure to be positive and upbeat about then work that’s being done and assume with your tone that the guests will be delighted.