Renewing an old question - anyone using an electronic guidebook you can recommend

In downtime I’m revamping my guidebook I leave for guests. I don’t think many even see the one on the listing (I know I never look as a guest). Would like something I can send out. Used to use Coral, been getting emails from Hostfully but honestly, have just filled them since life was busy.

I have played around with “Touchstay” but at the time I couldn’t afford it. I think it’s $70?? Anyway it received an award, and it is supposed to be the best.

I always send me guests a link to my guidebook on Airbnb when they book.

I have taken the content from this and adapted it to create a visitor guide for my home, local area and recommendations for local transport, attractions, places to eat and things to do.

Had great feedback from guests on it.

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Would you be willing share a link to your guidebook (or listing). I have been tinkering on updates but I’d love to be inspired and this post reminds me that it’s a great time to update.

I would but when I posted my listing on here previously some idiot tracked me down on social media and started making comments here using personal info about me they found, so don’t feel comfortable I am afraid. @Lynick4442

Wow, that is scary. I’m pretty sure you can send me a private message. I think all you need to do is to click on my icon (L) and a message button should pop up.

Hi @Lynick4442

Will see if I can find a copy of my computer of the guide. Sorry doing a seven day week at the moment so free time quite limited.

How about you just send me an email to make it easier. It’s an email address that goes into my junk folder so I won’t be an issue. Thanks.

Have just looked through my visitor guide and sorry it would take too long to have to redact the information that would identify me and I can’t risk sending it without doing this. @Lynick4442

I think there was another thread about guide books here where hosts provided examples so maybe do a search.

Best of luck.